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  1. Hannity, like Trump, is simply an entertainer. I have never thought of him as a newsman, journalist, writer, or even thinker. Hannity is to journalism, what pro wrestling is to sports.

  2. This from a guy that believes and parrots everything he hears on Clinton News Network. Nice work, Emery! You continue to at the bar low, then not reach it.

  3. Emery, always the Oskar Matzerath of political thought – on the bright side he doesn’t wander around aimlessly, saying “I want to be a cavalryman, as my father was”

  4. Hannity is not an entertainer. To earn that description, one needs to be entertaining.

  5. There’s plenty of finger-pointing and I don’t know any of the inside baseball, but I’ve got to say it doesn’t surprise me. O’Sullivan’s First Law has come back to bite the magazine he once edited and now, apparently, the MRC as well.

    I remember watching William F. Buckley, Jr. on Firing Line. I subscribed to National Review. I enjoyed reading politically incorrect articles by conservative authors who believed in the ideals of the Constitution more than popular acclaim. Those columnists are gone now. The remaining editors care more about virtue-signaling than about standing athwart history yelling “Stop!” I dropped my subscription years ago.

    There are three conservative media giants today: Rush, Sean, and the Instapundit. To suggest none is worthy of the Buckley Award because they aren’t Never-Trump is the ultimate proof that National Review has gone full RINO and is dragging the conservative movement down with it.

    If conservatives in the Establishment Right can’t even save their house magazine from creeping liberalism, then the Establishment Right is useless. Who’s left to oppose liberalism? Who’s left to drain the swamp? The non-establishment right. The alternative-right. Trump. God help us.

  6. “It also caused distress among Buckley’s family — in particular his only child, best-selling author Christopher Buckley.”
    If I am not mistaken, Christopher Buckley voted for Obama (he was horrified at the idea of Sarah Palin as VP).
    The moments of Buckley and Reagan have passed.
    And, Emery, there are no “newsmen.” It is all entertainment, it always has been entertainment.

  7. Mr. D – Hannity is not an entertainer. To earn that description, one needs to be entertaining.

    Hannity is sitting on a few million dollars that might argue otherwise. He certainly didn’t collect those based on his haircut.

  8. If Tapper was a real newsman — he is not — he would have pointed out that while Chris Buckley and his father have always been closely associated with the GOP funding class, Hannity is more closely associated with rank-and-file GOP voters. This explains their split. Ironic that the GOP voter is happy to claim Buckley, but Buckley does not want to claim the GOP voter.
    I suppose that Buckley is still popular with the GOP base because he was, for a long time, the pre-eminent public voice of anti-communism and anti-abortionism.
    William Buckley the man was always more comfortable in the company of millionaires than he was in the company of factory workers.

  9. “A source familiar with the situation tells CNN that…”

    Yeah, right.

    Say, Dunning_Kruger? William Buckley wouldn’t have allowed you to bag his groceries. GFY.

  10. Hannity is sitting on a few million dollars that might argue otherwise. He certainly didn’t collect those based on his haircut.

    True. I don’t like Carrot Top, either.

  11. Don’t know about Chris Buckley, but while W.F. Buckley was an elite from a family of elites, he didn’t have that much money. Enough to live comfortably without working, and enjoy the yachting life, but that was about it. He had just enough family bucks to live an upper-middle class lifestyle without having to work.

  12. Wasn’t there a controversy the other day because Tapper described himself as growing up working class, when his father was a surgeon, his mother an educator, and Tapper (like his father) attended Harvard & Yale?

  13. I’ve though of Trump as being more like Le Grand Fromage.

    OK, I’ll bite. How about Le Grand Persiflage?

  14. I miss Bill Buckley

    As do most folks from the “elites.” Bill was an elite who disagreed on policy, but in general he followed their mannerisms and norms. Bill’s attraction at the time was that he was an elite who questioned the basic policies of the elites.

    This is not the time when elites are as valued as they were in Buckley’s days. We’ve seen the carnage and chaos caused by the elites of the Buckley era and the non-elites are revolting against the incompetence our governing class. This is what has enabled Trump to make the inroads he has. If the elites had deserved the status and power they believe they should have, Trump would not have been elected. And the cognitive dissonance of the loss of status of the members of the elite cocoon is causing much of the hysteria in DC these days.

    Personally, I don’t care for Trump’s style and wouldn’t willfully socialize with the man. But I don’t particularly care about it, either, since I recognize that there was no way for a Republican candidate to win under the rules the elitist governing set has formulated. So do I care that he’s smashing the rules, that he’s singling out the media for dishonesty and inaccurate reporting, that he’s attacking the stronghold of statists in the executive branch? Not really. I view that as collateral damage necessary to tear down a corrupt, self-serving mindset that doesn’t have the vast majority of American’s interests at heart. Convince me that we’ve been well served by the last two generations of Ivy League graduates and I would change my mind, but having seen their work I view them as fools to a corrupt and corrupting ideology hell bent on destroying the best parts of America.

  15. nerdbert, Trump lacks the humility to realize that he was not elected because of his personal appeal, but because of what he represented, which was an enormous ‘middle finger’ to the political establishment. Trump is taking all of his supporters anger and energy that he was gifted with and is squandering it on personal squabbles and narcissistic posturing. Trump’s appeal is that he is so incompetent, and so undesirable as a president, that he’s sure to disrupt establishment Washington. He’s simply a big pie in the face to establishment Washington, and not a particularly effective one. There is no plan, just a grab-bag of ideas without a strategy or direction.

    The problem is when there are no visions, just invitations to seek personal or group advantage through exploiting the system as it stands, which is where most politics stands these days.

  16. If they regularly wear makeup as a part of their job, they are entertainers, not “newsmen.”
    I defy any rational human being to examine the resume’s of Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias and determine why their analysis and writing skills are worth any more than a randomly selected college grad.
    If people knew the resume’s and family histories of today’s national journalists they would be shocked at how unlike the average American they are. Most of them were raised in upper middle class households, attended prestigious colleges, and attended one of a half dozen grad schools to get an MA or MFA. The majority live in the same few dozen zip codes.

  17. Trump is taking all of his supporters anger and energy that he was gifted with and is squandering it on personal squabbles and narcissistic posturing.

    You really don’t understand what’s going on, do you?

    Trump is governing as a conservative Republican, something I never thought he’d do to be honest. His policies and programs are more in line with what conservatives have wanted for years.

    What’s driving you and the MSM/Democrats nuts is that Trump isn’t willing to take the abuse Democrats have traditionally ladled out upon Republicans without pushback. Example: Mika and Joe make frequent “jokes” about Trump’s incompetence and lack of adherence to “norms.” Trump doesn’t like it and hits back. At which point the entire Democrat/elite/Deep State mechanism gets the vapors and clutches its pearls as it swoons over the event. Meanwhile, normal folks go, “Huh, he fights back. Finally, someone with backbone and a little self respect.” Trump needs to fight back personally because he doesn’t have the entire staff of the traditionalist media defending him as Obama did, he has to do the work himself.

    As I said above, no elite-embedded Republican could win because they wouldn’t push back against the constant droning of “racist”, “homophobe”, “hater”, etc. There are numerous psychological studies that if you tell yourself something often enough, or if you hear it often enough, you associate what you heard with the subject even if there’s no connection. The Republican grass roots are quite happy to see someone finally giving the middle finger to the elites and they don’t view what Trump is doing as squandering his time on pushing back against unsupported and unsupportable attacks by the Democrats. Far from it, they’re glad that someone is finally willing to “punch back twice as hard” on baseless Democratic attacks that others have let them get away with for years.

  18. As you completely fail to address any of my points, you seek to distract by blaming Democrats for Trump’s failures, at a time when the Democratic party is at its most electorally irrelevant in a generation. If Trump can be stopped by others making fun of him (the full extent of the Democrat’s political strength), what use is he?

  19. No, it completely addresses the points you made. Democrats have been flailing about, constantly distracted by the attacks on the media that have been sucking all the air out of the Democrats’ ability to respond in a coherent manner that might actually make a difference in public opinion. To point: what is the public’s opinion of the Democrats and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) done since Trump has fought back? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not improved despite all Trump’s troubles. Contrast that to what happened to Obama as his agenda was implemented despite the full time cheerleading of the MSM.

    Trump has been depending on not allowing the MSM or Democrats the ability to claim the moral high ground that they normally claim simply by enraging them to such an extent that their immoral behavior and childish, buffoonish behavior can’t be missed. The MSM has gone off on all sorts of wild goose hunts and come up empty with egg on its face. It’s shown a horribly childish inability to restrain itself when criticized at any level. Trump has neutralized the greatest weapon in the Democrat’s arsenal, the MSM, by taunting them and enraging them to such an extent that they are an ineffective opposition because their standing and respect from the public has evaporated. And in doing so he’s kept the GOP political establishment as in his corner as is possible, simply by making it impossible for the squishies to abandon him on almost all issues since it would align them with the MSM/Democrats, who have only fallen in public respect.

  20. Sadly, the significance of the message delivered to the establishment is ill-served by the quality of the man that delivered it. America would be well served by a re-alignment of the political parties, but Trump seems to lack the talent to get it done

  21. Nice job, nerdbert. Take a victory lap. Your opponent changed the subject to something else.

  22. Nerd, you are responding to a compilation of snippets Emery has cut and pasted from leftist internet sewers.

    Google snippets from his plagiarism. The poor slag is wholly incapable of a coherent thought of his own.

    Im surprised you would fall for that. Your time and intellect would be better spent setting the original authors straight, IMO.

  23. Authentic Emery:
    “I will admit, this is the best season of The Apprentice ever. Awesome”

    Cut and paste Emery:
    “Trump’s appeal is that he is so incompetent, and so undesirable as a president, that he’s sure to disrupt establishment Washington. He’s simply a big pie in the face to establishment Washington, and not a particularly effective one”

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