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Jeremy Joseph Christian kills two in an anti-Muslim rampage on a train in Portland, Oregon.

Word gets out that Christian was a “white supremacist”.  Media assume that means “Right Wing Pro-Trump Hate Criminal” – and brows are furrowed as our  high priests of knowledge obsess over What It All Means.

Then, it turns out Christian is actually a Sanders guy.

Writing for Willamette Week, Corey Pein said he interviewed Christian during [a “Free Speech” march in Portland], and the alleged killer chanted the n-word and threw Nazi salutes. Pein writes that amid Christian’s rants about Jews on Facebook, he expressed support for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein for president. The Willamette Week writer describes that as a “distraction” others will seize upon as they contradict the narrative of Christian as a real white supremacist.

Simple fact – and Berg’s 19th Law has controlling legal authority, here – is that Christian was a nihilist, if you want to credit it as an actual train of thought, and apparently deeply mentally ill if you don’t.

Either way?  The mainstream media promptly lost interest.

7 thoughts on “Narrative Slide

  1. Some of them Bernie people are nuts. His followers think that he is a saint, a kind of inhumanly perfect super-hero. Most of them hate & despise Hillary, they think that she is corrupt and evil, and if she had stepped aside, Bernie would now be president. A new golden age would be a-dawnin’.

  2. You go from “Nazi salutes” to “nihilist” in four sentences, and I’m having a Big Lebowski flashback.

  3. On 93x news this morning (please forgive me, my daughter loves 93x), they mentioned this story. They indicated that he “espoused extremist views”, that he had numerous past felony convictions, and then they played an audio clip of undisclosed sourcing where you can hear (supposedly) him screaming about patriotism and if you don’t like it, leave this country.

    Nooooo……certinaly no framing of narrative there……..

  4. Jeremy Christian sounds very much like my autistic son when he has one of his meltdowns. The actual story may be that three good, caring liberal Progressives interpreted a mental breakdown as “hate speech” and sought to display their “civic virtue” by ganging up on a “retard”; only to get sliced and diced for their efforts. Somehow, I don’t expect the media to report that story.

  5. OK, Nazi and anti-Muslim sentiments in support of Sanders/Stein…..yeah, I think mental illness just might be involved, and it would be awfully nice if the media and the left would, say, do a little bit of research before writing their stories.

  6. Some of them Bernie people are nuts. His followers think that he is a saint, a kind of inhumanly perfect super-hero.

    Some of them, maybe, but the very common black joke among nearly everyone (including the leftists) in Burlington was that he was such a bad mayor that we had to send him to Congress where he’d do less harm.

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