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  1. OMG! I never talked to Flier, but he got my story down pat. The only twist is, my car is almost 15 years old, but is aluminum, has two turbos and a 5sp auto transmission. Transmission that went last year and took 6 months(!) to find a replacement for because not even OEM had the parts to repair/rebuild it. And I did spend more to put my car back on the road than it is worth, but a LOT less than what it would cost me to replace it with a comparable HP car. 600hp cars are not common nor cheap.

  2. It’s worth noting that 15 years back, the left was ignoring the fact that no less than the NHTSA was pointing out that putting people into cars that were too small and light was killing about 3000 people per year. So what does Uncle do but double down on CAFE standards and make the problem worse?


  3. I could fill volumes on this topic! Let me share this. If you are planning on buying any of GMs small (Buick Encore, Chevy Captiva) or mid-sized (Chevy Equinox or Traverse, Buick Envision or Enclave or GMC Acadia), spend the extra $5k for an extended warranty from either CNA National or Zurich. In addition to the carbon issue with their DI engines at around 80k miles, they also have 2 issues that go back to the first year models in 2008, neither of which are covered by your manufacturer’s warranties. The power steering gears start leaking at around 50k miles. These do not get rebuilt at the dealer level and it’s a 9 hour job, costing around $2 grand. The other issue is the rear upper control arms needing replacement at around the same mileage. All in, that’s about a grand, too. These warrantee companies that I mentioned earlier, cover these items and provide for a free rental car on any covered repair that takes more than four hours.

  4. Silly BB, you are witnessing the effect of the law of intended consequences. Environazis want conservation which leads to smaller, more efficient cars. Environazis also want to control population growth. Smaller, more efficient cars lead to more deaths than do gas-guzzlers. See, killing (pun intended) two birds with one stone. Add to this most environazis of influence are the 1%ers who can and do drive gas-guzzlers, their intent to kill off the undesirable 99% who can only afford small efficient cars in quite clear. Quite simple, no?

  5. My 2000 Chevy pickup is still running solid. I did have to replace the tranny at 175K, but other than that and the rust it’s been a great vehicle if you’ve got the wallet for the gas. I’d have to ask my son, but I think it’s cracked 250K miles.

    Ironically, transmissions are my pet peeve. I dearly want a manual transmission, but they’re only by custom order unless you’re buying a low end work truck. They’re cheap to repair and last just about forever — clutch plates are *nothing* compared to rebuilding an automatic as even I did those and I’m not much of a car guy. But so few people drive a manual these days that the Army had to go to automatics in their trucks despite the poorer reliability.

  6. JPA: Seems like you’re right, and I need to drown my sorrows in vodka. Favorite brand? :^)

    Nerdbert: I am the proud owner of a 1997 GMC Sierra with 5.7l and manual transmission. Bet yer jealous!

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