It Is To Laugh

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I had forgotten how carefully Liberals at the New York Times scrutinized President Obama’s nominees to the federal bench, to avoid politicizing the judiciary.  I’m sure they did, right?  Because if not, if they’re only worried about it when The Other Side does it, then it’s not a matter of high moral principle, it’s a matter of hypocritical partisanship, and that doesn’t bother me at all.

Joe Doakes

I believe Joe’s got it figured out.

2 thoughts on “It Is To Laugh

  1. Just like the media that wore themselves out so much on the “yellow cake” and Plame stories that they had to sleep it off for the next 8 years before their national security curiosity re-awakened.

  2. The angst telegraphed in that piece completely validates my decision to vote for Trump. It gies beyond schadenfreud; its contentment.

    I pray that every horror the reprobate leftist author is dreaming of comes true.

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