For Your 2018 Perusal

Harry Niska is running for attorney general.

After roughly 32 years of Mike Hatch followed by Lori Swanson, it’s time for a serious change; it’s time for the MN AGO to actually enforce laws, rather than enforce DFL social policy against companies.

Harry’s a solid conservative; our last encounter with him was at the 2016 MNGOP Convention, where he read the minority report that pretty well shut down the Michelle MacDonald for SCOM campaign.

He could use a buck or two.  Check out his website and his iFacebook page.

The alternative?  Deb Hillstrom – a Golden Valley “administration uber alles” left-DFLer – and John Lesch, who is Saint Paul’s version of a Chicago ward heeler.

We really do have to do better.

5 thoughts on “For Your 2018 Perusal

  1. Ryan Winkler does not think clearly. This gets him a great deal of purchase in the DFL.

  2. To quote Mayor Shinn, “I demand to see that man’s credentials!”

    Being a Republican is enough, but being the better candidate in the objective sense is probably important.

  3. I’ll also disagree with Harry on the Constitution change. I think it went too far.

  4. How in the name of anything is that left wing moonbat Hillstrom qualified to be AG? The woman is an idiot. But then, that’s OK as long as there is a D after your name. Unfortunately, she has a lot of company in this state.

  5. There is at least one other strong candidate–Doug Wardlow. He is brilliant, articulate, conservative, with a solid record of performance during his brief time in the legislature. Don’t underestimate him.

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