Lie First, Lie Always: When The DFL Does Polling, The Truth Dies A Little

Kim Norton – the former MN Representative from Rochester who asked for a “conversation about gun safety”, and then blocked everyone who disagreed with the conclusion she’d been given by Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” – tried her hand at “polling” to try to gin up the impression that there was some actual support for gun control in Minnesota.

Her “polling” was a joke – and I say that as someone who has to know something about demographic statistics for a living – but it needed be nothing but, as it was intended, like most gun control statements, only to scare the uninformed, fool the gullible, and inflamed the uninformed.  Oh, and ingratiate herself with Michael Bloomberg’s minions, the better to pad out her post-legislative career.

Not sure what the motivation is for her, but Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn – a woman whose idea of “discussion” is the same as the cowardly Norton, and has done as little to earn her pointless air of condescension as Senator Ron Latz – is a rep from the only place she could get elected in this state; Minneapolis.

And in her latest subject constituent email, among other questions, she asks:

“Do you support or oppose passing universal background checks on all gun sales in Minnesota?”

Mark my words:  the responses to this question – which will draw self-selecting responses from people motivated to respond on the issue at all, in one of the most liberal districts in the state – will be presented without context by Becker-Finn, and likely the media, as indicative of the opinion of Minnesotans at large.

I’m making a note.  we’ll check back on this.

4 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: When The DFL Does Polling, The Truth Dies A Little

  1. A poll of Twin Cities commuters shows they’d support a law allowing drivers to treat turn signals, stop signs and speed limits as optional.

    I asked everyone in my carpool; the decision was unanimous.

    I drive alone.

    It’s a poll. It’s science. You’re not a science denier, are you?

  2. I finally got Kim to explain why we need to force tax money and REGRESSIVE rate increases into wind turbines. Here is the answer: “Because they need a push.” No thought of the graft, waste, side effects, unintended consequences or when and how they pencil out on their own. I want Trump to drive an f’ing stake into these g d things.

    I can’t understand what is the point of Bloomberg spending 1.4 million dollars on just Minnesota gun policy ELECTIONS and ***NOTHING*** on getting these useful idiots like Norton some media training. It would cost him 100K tops.

    The only answer is the Left thinks persistent political force is the only thing they need in the long run.

  3. Actually, Becker-Finn represents 42B in north suburban Ramsey County, Little Canada, Vadnais Heights, southern Shoreview, NW Roseville, Gem Lake. It’s always gone blue to date but not as hopelessly one-sided as those in Minneapolis, so not quite sure I’d call it “one of the most liberal districts in the state.” But I do agree that the results will nonetheless likely be skewed by self-selection.

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