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  1. Hey, you want more examples of egregious spreading of “fake news”?

    Trump quickly condemns Louvre attack, still quiet on Quebec
    CNN, by Eric Levenson

    You gotta agree with sTrumpet that CNN indeed devolved into a fake news organization.

  2. More fake news concerns the “stolen” Supreme Court nomination. Well yes it was stolen because the Dems put up such a pathetic presidential candidate and so alienated middle America that they lost a slam dunk presidency and failed to win the Senate. Those were two things that were supposed to happen.

    If Hilary had won which it was widely believed she would and the Senate had turned blue then would Merrick Garland have still been the nominee. It actually was gutsy on behalf of the elephants to NOT confirm Merrick Garland. Truly. A large majority of Republicans did not believe Trump could win and worried mightily about losing the Senate. Garland was the most reasonable nominee you could expect from a liberal president. By all rights they should have confirmed the guy before HIlary took office and nominated Robert Reich or Michael Moore to the court.

    So the Republicans “stole” the seat in the same way a millionaire takes a wad of $20’s, throws it in the middle of Hennepin Avenue, watches as people pick it up and then goes on local TV saying he was robbed. Yes technically he was. But really my dear Democratic friends your poor political acumen basically squandered the nomination. The Republicans just bent over, put your carelessness in their pocket and calmly walked home.

  3. Speaking of “altenate facts”, I found this on an Aussie blog, regarding the ‘disastrous’ Trump-Turnbull phone call:

    1) Chronology is important here.

    1. 10 months out from US presidential election, Turnbull visits US. He meets Hillary and snubs Trump.
    2. In the weeks leading up to US presidential election, Turnbull does a deal with a dead duck President.
    3. Turnbull and Obama agree to not announce it (hide the deal) until the US presedential election is over. They both want Hillary to get up, and the deal would be excellent ammunition for Trump in a campaign dominated by illegal immigration.
    4. Trump wins. Turnbull panics.
    5. Turnbull has to call Greg Norman to find out how to get in touch with Trump.
    6. Turnbull announces deal publicly 5 days later, and before he has spoken to Trump about it.
    7. Trump understandably gives him a smack down on the phone.
    8. Turnbull spins the phone call, and in desperation to announce something good in his otherwise failing Prime Ministership, announces the deal as done.
    9. Trump is annoyed that Turnbull couldn’t keep quiet. Trump has been placed in a contradictory position that could damage him politically.
    10. Trump gives Turnbull a smack down on Twitter, and leaks the phone call to return the favour.

    The problem exists because of Turnbull, and Turnbull alone.
    – At no point has Turnbulll invested in a personal relationship with Trump. Mostly because he exists in the same elitist bubble as people who predicted a thumping Hillary win.
    – He did a sneaky deal with left wingers and helped hide it from voters in the US.
    – He then tried to pump his own political fortunes up and didn’t care about the damage it might do to Trump.

    Turnbull has to go. He is damaging the Liberal party and the nation.

    2) I feel sympathy for Trump. Why should he in the American interest accept these illegal boat people who came to this country largely for economic opportunism, they have rampaged, trashed Manus island, we won’t take them, so why should Trump call on the American taxpayer to live in America?


    It’s a bit different narrative (not “factual account”) than you’ve heard from the US media, and it adds information. It sounds as though the deal to take the refugees was okayed by both Obama and candidate Hillary last summer, but candidate Trump was frozen out to deny his campaign a talking point.

  4. And in other fake news, CNN (who else!) is pushing conspiracy theory that Milo staged the Berkley riot against himself.

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