Changing Standards

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Leon Panetta, Big-shot Democrat, Clinton pal and former CIA Director time-server, says Trump will be blamed for an attack on the United States if he skips regular intelligence briefings.
So is Leon guaranteeing that Trump will NOT be blamed for an attack, if he DOES attend regular intelligence briefings? Hard to believe, given the way Democrats blamed Bush for 9/11 and Bin laden, even though the set-up for those disasters occurred entirely on Bill Clinton’s watch.
And even harder to believe, given the way Democrats still chant “Bush lied, people died” which rests on the foundation that “faulty intelligence” sucked us into the War in Iraq. Democrats insist nobody should have believed those intelligence briefings, so why should Democrats insist we believe the current ones?
In nearly 8 years of The Won proudly getting his news from the NYT, repeatedly stating that he wasn’t aware of anything until he read it there, skipping briefings routinely, when did Democrats ever demand that he pay attention? What’s changed?
Joe Doakes

To the left, reality isn’t a state; it’s a construct.

7 thoughts on “Changing Standards

  1. I’m certain Trump will get daily briefings, maybe not face to face with all the intel people but likely in written or digital format. I’m OK with that as long as it’s not through Twitter……wink

  2. I wonder what the CIA knew about the plot, and who they warned in Turkey. If the answer is “They knew nothing, it’s all a complete surprise” then why listen to them?

    And why did they know nothing? Perhaps because Hillary’s home-brew bathroom email server provided our enemies with a list of sources, spies and movements that not only enabled our enemies to ambush our ambassador, but also told them who to feed false information to, knowing it would find its way back into the US intelligence agency bureaucracy as if it were Gospel.

  3. JD, it was the Russian’s ambassador, not ours. But your point holds true.

    AFAIK, the CIA has not made any on the record report of Russian hacking, only undisclosed persons who purportedly have CIA ties have made that report.

  4. JD may have been inferring to Ambassador Stevens. It’s my belief that intel past and present has been damaged in some degree by Hill’s criminality.

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