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On “Morning Edition” this morning, in re Donald Trump cancelling the press conference he’d scheduled for today:

HOST:  “So, is this important, or is this just something that makes a difference to journalists?”

NPR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: “It’s important.  This is when journalists get to ask the tough questions of the president, and maybe tease out the details of some of the hard stories, as part of our mission to keep the public informed”

The last “tough question” asked in a White House press conference was eight years ago.  All of the “journalists” working at the White House then have moved on to other jobs.  The ones there now will have to ask the old-timers how it was done.


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  1. as part of our mission to keep the public informed

    LOL. That was good. Four more-, no, eight more years of this? Man, this should be fun.


    Who, what, why, where and sometimes how.”

    Does this ring a bell?

  3. 2012: Mr. President, how does it feel to always be the coolest dude in the room?

    2017: Mr. President, how does it feel to be the most hated man in the world?

    2012: Mr. President can I get an autographed picture of your gorgeous and talented wife?

    2017: Mr. President, can I get a date with your hooker wife?

  4. They’re just pissed because they have to change the blanks in the template for the article they’ve already got written.

    “President-Elect Trump came under heavy fire [today] as career journalists doing their duty to inform the public questioned Trump’s relationship to Arch Fiend Putin. Sources said [yesterday] that Putin personally wrote the code hacking computers to throw the election to Trump. At [this morning’s] press conference, Trump evaded questions and . . . .”

    I could see where that would be a pain in the neck for the journalists.

  5. Who was the columnists/reporter for the Washington Post? He asked Bush 41 about alleged cocaine use (which itself was fake news), then the next day would write a story with this headline in the WashPol; “Bush continues to be dogged by allegations of cocaine use”. Get it. He would bring it up. Then use that as the allegation.

  6. My favorite credentialed press looney is Kurt Eichenwald. He is a writer for Newsweek. A senior writer!
    He is also insane. I think Olbermann has a shtick that he does. He likes drama. Unbiased senior writer for Newsweek Kurt Eichenwald is the real deal:
    Eichenwald made the news this past week when he tweeted that Trump supporters had booed Trump’s praise of John Glenn, and then retracted his tweet, hours later, when it became obvious that the hecklers were booing anti-Trump protesters:

    There is a very complicated story about Eichenwald’s obsessive madness here:

    Basically, Eichenwald thought he caught Trump quoting from DC emails sourced to him by his pals the Russkis, but it turned out Trump was quoting from a story about the leaked Podesta emails published by a legitimate news source (“Sputnik”). When a Sputnik editor called Eichenwald out on it, Eichenwald blocked her, then tried to buy her silence with a job offer, then alluded to his vast contacts within the intelligence community. As a bonus, at the end of the Tucker Carlson interview vid I link to above, Eichenwald starts rambling on again about his vast contacts within the intelligence community.
    Seriously. The guy is off his meds.

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  8. Trump gets scathed by the press for being on reality tv shows in the past. When Obama wants to get in touch with his base he uses late night tv or a fake news show on comedy central. And we don’t hear anything but crickets.

  9. Which is worse, a president-elect that cancels a press conference, or a president that never holds them? I think Obama has had more press conferences since the election than he did in the last two years.

  10. Big deal. He’s a senior writer (editor?) of a magazine that sold for $1 a couple of years ago.

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