My first thought, before  I turned the sound up – “Wow. Kim Thayil from Soundgarden is  back in the news!”

No such luck.  The guy is alleged to have killed a 41-day-old baby.

A bruised upper lip. Broken ribs. A severe skull fracture.

The head injury would kill tiny Delijahjuan Winden on Tuesday, after only 41 days of life. The infant died when his caregiver, Daniel Leikas, raised him over his head and threw him into a car seat, according to charges filed Wednesday. He was frustrated because Delijahjuan was fussy and had been crying all night, the court document said.

“This is the first time I’ve seen an infant this young beaten this badly,” Minneapolis Police Capt. Mike Martin said.

Not to pre-judge – but I know that when I was looking for “caregiver” for babies, “looking like Satan” was a big showstopper.

8 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. “Caregiver”-that word bugged me before this, but now….

    Mitch, you risk sounding “judgemental”. Just look at him…he just so cool, and that’s the main thing.

  2. Since when did “caregiver” become a euphemism for “latest loser mom is shacking up with”?

    Of all the guys Zonebia Benson-Winden was apparently sleeping with 11 months ago, she decides to move in with her child’s killer. Way to go “mom”.

  3. There, I disagree. I think somebody who looks like that could be anywhere from terrific with kids — kind, gentle, firm, caring; the whole bit — to the murderous scumbag that the guy is at least alleged to be.

    Ever meet Steve Brust? Formerly local writer — he’s living out in Vegas, now — and he looks like a killer biker dude, but he’s one of the nicest people I know, and I know a lot of nice people. And, on the other end of the spectrum, take a look at a picture of Ted Bundy, or Jeffrey Dahmer . . . .

  4. Joel,

    You’re right, in fact.

    But I’m going purely by first impressions. And while first impressions occasionally let one down, it’s less often than I’d like.

    Steve Brust – familiar. Probably met him.

  5. Fair enough. Your first impression meter is almost certainly better than mine. (Mine’s almost as faulty as my gaydar, which is famously bad. It’s so bad that I used to have a vague suspicion that Rosie O’Donnell might be a Lebanese . . . )

  6. LOL!!!

    My gaydar is middle of the road. There have been gays I’ve missed, both male and female (a former coworker comes to mind). However, the moment I saw Anne Heche kiss Harrison Ford in whatever movie they starred in, I KNEW she was not exclusively gay (this was at the time she was still hooked up with Ellen DeGeneres). She just kissed him too romantically.

    Lo and behold…..

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