Two Americas

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I question whether Liberals and Conservatives hear the same things.


When a Liberal says “Joe Doakes is a racist,” I suspect other Liberals hear “Joe Doakes is dangerous.”  That triggers a fight-or-flight response.  The listening Liberals know they should shun me – at a minimum – and fight me if they can do it from a place of safety.  Thus, we get unfriended on Facebook, one-star Amazon reviews, one-star Yelp reviews and secondary boycotts to pressure employers to fire the accused.

 When a Liberal says “Joe Doakes is a racist,” I suspect Conservatives hear “Joe Doakes is a poopy-head.”  That triggers a scornful response.   The listening Conservatives know they should ignore the Liberals – at a minimum – and actively support me, even if it brings Liberal wrath down on them, too.  Thus we get Trump’s cabinet nominations.

 This may be the new litmus test.  When a politician hears someone called “racist,” watch how they react.  If they react like Liberals, then they are Liberals at heart, regardless of which party affiliation they wear at the moment. 

 When everyone is a racist, no one is a racist.  The term as no longer has an agreed-upon meaning.  Does this mean I hate Black people and want them to die?  No, it means the word is worn out from overuse.  Find another word.

Joe Doakes

They will.  They will.

7 thoughts on “Two Americas

  1. Leftist reprobates can’t string two words together without one being “white”. White is a race. Bashing white people is racism.

    But I guess we white purple shouldn’t complain. Leftists talk trash about us, but they treat black people like disposable trash.

    Maybe that’s the white privilege leftist reprobates are always mewling about.

  2. They have, its called Nazi, pretty soon that word will lose all meaning too so when actual nazis show up no one will believe them

  3. No doubt the Saul Alinsky faithful are searching for new adjectives and labels they can use to describe the half of the voters in this country they deplore.

  4. Or read Stevie Van Zandt’s twitter feed. Because he said attacking the VP at the play was wrong…all these lefties have accused him of being for slavery, anti-gay rights (even though he boycotted NC over the bathroom issue), and on and on.

    No deviation from the leftest dogma is allowed.

  5. Read a good comment recently. “We are a society today where a Somali immigrant will accuse the great grand child of an Irish immigrant of material participant in historical discrimination or Jim Crow.” Referring to the Democrat’s habit of referring to those of us in the upper midwest who don’t agree with liberal political views.

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