It’s The Message, Stupid

One campaign-season cliche we can retire:  “money buys elections”.

Trump won is election very much on the cheap:

Of course, the battlefield was already littered with candidates from both parties that outspent their opponents, only to lose. Meg Whitman, John Corzine, Linda McMahon and a host of other famous and unfamous names outspent their opponents on the way to defeat in previous years. But Trump may put all of those elections to shame when it comes to disparity of resources.

Consider that Hillary Clinton’s campaign outspent Trump by more than two-to-one. Pro-Clinton ads outnumbered pro-Trump ads by three-to-one. Independent groups (the “super PACs”) supporting Clinton outspent independent groups supporting Trump by three-to-one. The average contribution to Trump was smaller than the average contribution to Clinton. And on and on it goes.

Which, in a reasonable world, would put a hard kibosh on the idea of campaign finance “Reform”:

We’re told by campaign finance “reformers” that we must restrict spending in politics so that “people” can have their voices heard. But voters in 2016 ultimately chose the candidate without even a “real” super PAC to speak of.

This tells us two things: First, that money is simply the facilitator by which candidates speak to voters, but that voters will make up their own minds. Second, it shows us that money simply can’t make up for a message that people aren’t interested in. After his defeat, the man in charge of Jeb Bush’s $100 million super PAC remarked of the voters: “They just weren’t buying what we were selling.”

Let’s hope the same goes for tired tropes on money in politics.

Look for the Democrats to push a bill establishing minimum spending.

6 thoughts on “It’s The Message, Stupid

  1. To me Hillary got free press because the MSM wouldn’t mention her corruption and immorality. Trump got free press because the MSM (and the #NeverTrumper bunch) despised him and went out of their way to show their contempt for him. I believe in the end Trump played both of them like a fiddle.

  2. As Forrest Gump’s momma said; “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    Fits the left wing hypocrites like a glove.

  3. Scott H….I am starting to think Trump knew what he was going all along (for the most part). At least towards the end. Those arena rallies full of blue collar types in swing states.

    For your entertainment…go to the Wisconsin State Journal and read the article on Madison lefties going to psychologists for counciling and mental health treatment (insurance paid) due to the election results.

  4. Chuck, They need psych treatment to address obsessive need for crying rooms and enuresis issues.

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