2 thoughts on “Dear Womyn Of America

  1. How sweet would it be if Hillary lives to see the first woman President is a conservative Republican.

  2. DMA….in the past, us conservatives said the first woman and first black president would be a Republican because we would nominate someone who is qualified, while Democrats would nominate someone just because of a checkbox.

    Well, that didn’t happen with Obama. But I will have to say, the Democrats found a guy who has darker skin because of who his mother had sex with 9 months before he was born. It was easy to vote for him. He’s skinny, not bad looking. Great voice. And you can feel good about voting for the first black (sic) president.

    Hillary…..I don’t think older liberals realize that a woman in a high position isn’t a big deal for anyone under 40. Woman make up 50% of our population and have been our bosses, college professors, business execs, governors, etc for decades. And Hillary has been in the news almost constantly since 1992….that’s 24+ years. She’s not a novelty….”making history”. “Selma Envy” doesn’t apply here.

    So the first woman president will get it because the people want her for her beliefs and qualifications. Not because of a checkbox.

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