The New Order

I’ll be the first to admit – I didn’t see last night coming.

When I went on the air, I knew that Trump had to win North Carolina, Florida and Ohio to have a shot – even a long shot at the presidency.

All three fell; North Carolina fairly quickly, Florida with a bit of suspense, and Ohio in a complete rout.

From there, as Brad Carlson and I broadcast from the Radisson Blue and the GOP Victory Party, we puttered around with various scenarios, watching the numbers creep up, wondering if it’d come down to Nevada…

…until events bypassed us all.  When Wisconsin went Trump, I knew my math was out the window; when Michigan, New Hampshire, and – incredibly, finally, Pennsylvania – dropped in the bucket, I felt…

…like someone had dropped LSD into the cucumber water in the press pit.  I was, for one of very few times in my talk radio career, reduced to jabbering nonsense on the air.

We recovered, of course; to the best of my knowledge, we predicted the flip in the Minnesota Senate before the rest of the Twin Cities media, yet again; only a math mistake on my part precluded Brad and me from being first on the ground with an official prediction.

Local highlights:  The GOP broke their curse inside the metro:  Roz Peterson crushed her challenger; Randy Jessup and Dario Anselmo flipped solid first and second tier suburban seats; Paul Anderson flipped Terri Bonoff’s old seat.   Tim Walz is facing a recount against Jim Hagedorn; Obamacare cost him bad, but I have a hunch his ill-advised and arrogant photo with the Action Moms didn’t help much.

Nancy Laroche is now on the Crystal City Council!

And  – Congressman Lewis.  I love that.   We finally found a campaign where cynical lies aimed at the lowest, basest common denominator (worst than the stereotype Trump voter, even!) lost.  It restored my faith in Minnesota voters.

Downsides:  Dave Hann, one of the most decent people in politics, is out.  And Stewart Mills.  That hurt.

But what about Trump?  Kevin Williamson of National Review – an out-front non-fan of Trump (vide his coverage of Trump’s kickoff entitied “Witless Ape Ascends Escalator“, to telegraph the punch just a little) – has some advice, and I like it a lot:

The first and most important thing to do is to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that Trump sticks by the promise he made — his record on keeping his word is not very good — on his list of Supreme Court nominees under consideration. If a Trump presidency means ensuring a generation of decent constitutional jurisprudence on the First and Second Amendments, then that will be worth a great deal in the way of tradeoffs. What tradeoffs? Conservatives should meet Trump on his own ground on the question of immigration, especially illegal immigration. His proposals on the question have been fantastical — making Mexico pay for a wall and all that — but his insistence that this be addressed rather than being kept eternally on the national back burner is appropriate. There are reasonable steps on immigration that can be taken, an enforcement-first approach that secures the borders (and the airports and the visa system) and focuses on workplace enforcement before moving on to broader reform questions, such as replacing the reunification-oriented chain-immigration system with one based on economic criteria.

The whole thing is, as always with Williamson, worth a read.

45 thoughts on “The New Order

  1. And Trump got Ohio despite being stiff-armed by Ohio’s governor, John Kasich. Kasich not only gave Trump zero help in a state where he controls the party on the ground, he would have had Trump’s people in Ohio arrested and deported, if he could have. And Kasich made a big deal out of writing in McCain for Prez.
    Kasich has nothing Trump desires, nothing at all. There is no reason for Trump to give Kasich the time of time of day, and the president is the head of the party.
    Kasich’s career is over, probably even his kids should forget about a career in politics.

  2. Hopefully Mills runs again in ’18. I’d like to see how his numbers compare to Trumps within the 8th. Hopefully, if the State GOP and the Congressional GOP do good work for the next 2 years, he’ll have a good shot. That would also help republicans make more inroads in that district in general. Flip a few more seats there and the DFL will truly become Metrocrats only.
    Maybe Nolan will get scared by the close call and retire on his own terms after this next term.

  3. If you’re a conservative, the snarkiness will not end for weeks. Just warning you. You’re hated because of what rattles in your skull. That they allowed you to vote is testament to their Holy tolerance..

  4. Different message than yesterday, EI, but I suppose it’s a move in the right direction…

  5. Trump’s speech last evening seemed to be a change in tone; from the combative speeches delivered during the campaign, this is very conciliatory. Trump sounded Presidential.

    Hopefully, this acceptance speech is a reflection of how Mr. Trump will run his government. “Common ground not hostility” sounds almost statesman like.

    Nevertheless, Trump deserves credit, he ran with little money and very little support from his party. I would suggest that with republican majorities they have no excuse to not present a positive alternative message to the past eight years.

  6. Here’s what you should be taking from this election SSOLS Emery; people don’t think neutral gender bathrooms are a priority; believing the nuclear family is the best way to raise kids does not make people bigots; you don’t ease a massive government takeover of our medical system down our throats with a pack of fucking lies; using a position of public trust to pad your bank account pisses people off, especially when you jeopardize national security to cover it up; encouraging illegal immigration is not good for the country; white lives really do matter, so iksnay on the damned race baiting.

    When you stinking leftist reprobates move back to the Democrat party that spawned John Kennedy, the American people may give you another look. But for the meantime, STFU, hold our beers and watch this.

  7. With articles (titled) like the one mentioned above, Williamson has very little credibility with many of us. It’s roughly analogous to all the perceptive things that Peggy Noonan has written in last few years – after telling us in flyover country how wonderful Obama was and awful Palin was. I am afraid they shot their wad of credibility in an orgasm of pretentious elitism and now they can suck it.

    If anyone paid any attention to the policy speeches given by Trump, they wouldn’t be babbling about a new tone. Or things that are certain.

  8. Trump’s speech last evening seemed to be a change in tone; from the combative speeches delivered during the campaign, this is very conciliatory. Trump sounded Presidential.

    Ah yes, the famous media filter. Trump has said many Presidential things during this campaign, but the media has been loathe to show them to the public lest they taint the image they wished to project of him.

    Not a Trump fan, but he’s better than a lying, dishonest, undependable grifter who was intent on ruling by diktat and said as much. I doubt Trump will have a lot of success pushing legislation given how incestuous the Establishment politicians are and how addicted they are to money from big business. But I do think that about all Trump has to do to be successful to his largest base is enforce the laws we already have on trade, immigration, and jobs. It’d be a HUGE win for the country if he turned the DoJ loose on political corruption in DC, but I doubt very much he’ll do that.

  9. Friends, I know many of you have more compassion for stinking leftist’s butthurt, and don’t want to pile on with snarky comments. You’re better people than I am…lots of people are.

    But I think we all deserve some schadenfreude, and I want every one t share my happiness, so why not take a minute to go to Slate and have a look at the main page. You don’t even have to bother reading the desperate stories, just look at the headlines.

    You will leave with a smile on your face, and shaking your head I guarantee it.

  10. Swiftee…..thanks for the link. Are you sure its not a parody site? I mean the Gay Jew who now fears for his life?

  11. Chuck, my co-workers thought it was the onion. The gay jew was just too much! We are having ourselves quite the time today 🙂

  12. Its gets better (or worse)… the College Fix links to several higher ed (sic) newspapers. Some of its funny (Columbia cancelling mid-terms and assignments so the kids can go to their safe spaces today), but some is kind of scary. Sanford and UCLA (or was it USC?) and other places having violent protests.
    California is way way way past the tipping point.

  13. You know, Chuck, there’s a system that allows localities to govern themselves the way that they want while allowing larger collections of communities to pool their resources to provide overarching needs like interstate trade, mutual self defense, etc. without overruling local control. I believe it’s called Federalism. Maybe we should look into it sometime?

  14. My lefty sister texted from Cali to inform me that there will be a referendum next election to secede.

    I told her that sounded great, I’m in favor of states being able to do what they want and that I’d help get her a visitors visa to America at Christmas time, except I’m sure the People’s Republic of California will have made any mention of Christmas a crime.

    They are insane.

  15. nerdbert….I’m a big believer in letting local gov’t do what they want. If it blows up on them, fine. This is one place I disagreed with Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans. They passed a couple of laws overruling local control. (amt you can raise taxes each year and a couple of other things).

  16. Swiftee;

    Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

    Without the mooched dollars that the rest of the country gives them, the state will implode within six months. Jeff Bezos and the rest of the business owners there, will get tired of paying for “a better California”! Hell, Amazon is already moving costly operations, i.e. application development out of there.

  17. Friends, I know many of you have more compassion for stinking leftist’s butthurt, and don’t want to pile on with snarky comments. You’re better people than I am…lots of people are.

    But I think we all deserve some schadenfreude, and I want every one t share my happiness, so why not take a minute to go to Slate and have a look at the main page. You don’t even have to bother reading the desperate stories, just look at the headlines.

    I dont know who you are talking to but it sure as hell aint me SP (Ps love the new name and photo bro). Me at 3am on facebook last night, and yes I wrote it in all caps.

  18. I think that Trump should appoint Sarah Palin to be his secretary of women’s issues.
    You can’t let the American Left place any bounds on your behavior, or they own you.

  19. Now, we get to find out how the GOP will cope with having to actually govern. And whether it can survive the requirement.

  20. POD, I approve and encourage that sort of behavior. I’m not without any shred of compassion…hell, even a rat deserves some measure.

    But I don’t think the leftists are beat down anywhere near enough. just yet…carry on.

  21. Since she can’t give political favors anymore, I dare suggest that Clinton speech fees are on their way down. The problems of the Clinton Foundation may be correcting themselves.

  22. They burned through a billion dollars trying to push Hillary across the finish line. Probably my favorite part of the whole story.

  23. SSOLS Emery, why are you not out rioting with your comrades?

    Seriously, ya weakling; get up off your fat ass and burn something; throw some bricks. Go talk some shit to Trump supporters, get right up in their grills and tell ’em what you think, ya punk.

    During lulls in looting, do a little politicking among your bros. Plagiarize some intelligent talking points, most of your fellow rioters are so baked they won’t catch on, some might even think you’re worth listening to.

    Just think SSOLSE, you could command a regiment of butthurt snowflakes…wouldn’t that be nice?

  24. Speaking of “fat asses” how’s your bride doing? Treat yourself to ‘Trump size’ pieces of clotted cheese tonight!

  25. Yeah, see that’s what I’m talking about SSOLS Emery. Typing that out probably doesn’t get you off. Just think how sweet it would be to walk up and say that shit right to my face…think of the shock, fear and the tears running down my face when confronted by your bold action. I’d collapse in a big wet puddle, and you could laugh and preach some crap you memorized from the web.

    I bet your big, prolapsed starfish puckered up just thinking about it, amiright?

    Well, I’m often in Minn, but not right now. Don’t let that stop you though, ya sackless git. The time is ripe. Go out and find a Trump supporter; shouldn’t be hard, Trump lost by less than 1%…find one and go to work.

  26. Much as I expected; you feel entitled to say whatever you choose on MBerg’s platform. And It’s very informative that you’re unable to take it in return.

    I suspect you lacked a strong male role model in your upbringing. Pity……

  27. I read that Mr. Chelsea Clinton is shutting down his hedge fund, too. Between a probable collapse of “donations” to the Clinton Foundation and that, rice and beans time for the Mezvinskys, as Dave Ramsey would say.

  28. LMAO!!

    SSOLS Emery, I feel entitled to say whatever I choose where ever I am to whom ever I want. And what I say to people on the internet is exactly what I say to them in person; that’s because I stand by what I say.

    See, that’s the not very subtle difference between men and effeminate, SSOLS’s like you. I have never met you, mores the pity, but I 100% guarantee I’d be in your face whether you’re the soft, pudgy, pillow armed punk I think you are, or a 250 lb. Aikido instructor…it’s all the same to me; I really don’t give a fuck.

    You, however, have to be content with venting your frustrations with all the feminine, concussive rage your slender fingers can muster to pound your keyboard. It’s OK. I’ve been rhetorically shredding leftist cucks for many years, and I know how it works with you.

    So, go ahead and blow your pathetic wad on the internet SSOLSE, give it everything you got; you’re no match for me here, either. 😉

  29. More evidence that our ‘elites’ are frikkin’ idiots.
    Nobel winner Paul Krugman at 12:42 AM, just after Trump’s win:

    It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?

    Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear.

    Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.

    The Dow hit a record high less than 48 hours after Krugman wrote this crap.
    And, a little later in the same piece:
    It’s true that we’ve been adding jobs at a pretty good pace and are quite close to full employment.
    The Obama years have featured the longest stretch of slow, sub normal, economic growth since the great depression.

  30. Jethrene, Krugman has become the laughing stock of numbers crunchers worldwide. His pratfalls take tens of thousands of web pages to cover:

    He was booted from Princeton, according to no less than Forbes magazine, in disgrace

    Mitch’s insane cyber-stalker, himself booted from real scientific research at 3M to a career described to me by his former boss as “mediocre at best”, absolutely loves Krugman.

    The irony is that both are former academics whose careers were absolutely wrecked by a self inflicted mental illness that has rendered them babbling morons and the butt of endless jokes.

    Liberalism is a disease.

  31. Armageddon was predicted. I’ve read of estimates somewhere between a five and fifteen percent drop. Of course that was prior to the election results were certain.

  32. EI, DJIA up 500 points since Tuesday. Remember what it was with Obama? Hint; the magnitude was the same, but the direction was different.

  33. My company (and 1 company is by no means an indicator, but my company is the biggest player in its field and is in a field that will hopefully be in SERIOUS overhaul in the coming months and years…if you know what I mean) has been between $140-$145/share for the last few weeks. It dipped down to $139 at opening bell yesterday morning and is currently $.11 below it’s highest range for the last 52 weeks.

    The economic upheaval of Trump’s win looks to be about as long lasting as the BREXIT upheaval.

  34. If indeed Swiftee is correct about Krugman leaving Princeton in disgrace–or even in ennui, really–what a let-down from his “Sveriges Riksbank” prize, eh?

    (I’m in training for helping liberal friends move up north. See ya for a double double at Tim Horton’s, eh)

  35. Mitch’s insane cyber-stalker, himself booted from real scientific research at 3M to a career described to me by his former boss as “mediocre at best”, absolutely loves Krugman.
    Is it time to dust off the old ‘professor Gleasons prolapsed anus’ bot again SP? Or do they not allow internet access in the current mental institution hes in?

  36. POD, I just checked and sure as shit, that fucking lunatic is still out there howling at the moon. LMAO.

    There is no point messing with him, he is oblivious. Let him howl.

  37. Krugman is free to have opinions. The problems is that his published opinions are primarily political, with a window dressing (occasionally) of econ talk. People who read his column may think they are getting economics information from an expert economist, but they are getting political opinion from a person with no more knowledge of politics than your uncle Harold.
    As Benko says, Krugman’s main mode of argument is ad hominem. The ad hominem is often directed at distinguished, highly regarded, professional and academic economists. Krugman is incapable of believing that people can disagree with him in good faith. Years ago I heard that the econ textbooks he authored with his wife (now there is racket!) were bland, middle of the road market economics, and that bizarre things appeared in his column because they were actually written by his wife, Robin Wells. Like Krugman, Wells is an academic economist, but she is also a political radical and activist.
    While Krugman accuses his opponents of making bad faith arguments (Republicans don’t care about inflation, they want to keep people poor, etc.), he is famous for making bad faith arguments himself. He is an inflation dove because the primary attribute of inflation is that it erodes the value of capital with respect to labor. Krugman won’t admit this. Instead he says he is an inflation dove because inflation promotes growth.

  38. Yesterday probably better to have taken a long position rather than short. The futures had things going south when the election was called, by opening it was going huge north. Still going up big time now. Trump effect ?

  39. Market reflex to the real or imagined pro-business policies of the new administration.
    Pro-tip; don’t mix your portfolio with politics.

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