Congrats In Order

Congratulations, as I write this, to two long-time friends of this blog.

Rob Doar, political director of MN-GOPAC, was also campaign director for Randy Jessup, for whom the second try was the charm against Barb Yarusso up in Shoreview.

And long-time Shot in the Dark history correspondent First Ringer was the manager of the Dario Anselmo campaign – and between the two of them, they did the state the estimable favor of ejecting Ron Erhardt from public life in Minnesota.  Maybe he’ll blow Ringer’s head off?

Hopefully not.

Anysay – salute!

3 thoughts on “Congrats In Order

  1. Well, unfortunately, Walz, Nolan, Mohammed Ellison and the Bitch Betty McCollum won. In her victory speech, she vowed to “fight against Donald Trump and his racism and hate”. Screw her!

    I’m glad that Jason Lewis beat the pig, both Erik Paulsen (who is a really good guy) and Tom Emmer kept their seats.

    Emery and EI; Are you guys going to be roomies up there in Canada, eh?

  2. Really glad to see Yarusso go. Now we need help over in my district, which might as well be Albania circa 1977.

  3. ron the roach is dead. I wonder if the dfl will nominate him again in 2 years. Assuming hes not in a nursing home or completely senile

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