Three Reasons Not To Vote For Angie Craig

Reason #1:  She lied about her business background.   Her ads make her sound like some kind of entrepreneur.  In fact, she’s a “Human Resources” executive.  Now, God love all you HR people in the audience, but Human Resources is the exact opposite of entrepreneurship.  Fully-implemented HR processes are a leash around business’ neck, ready for government to yank.  And while I’m sure none of you HR people in my audience are like this, far too many are utterly worthless.

Reason #2:  She’s a lying pigand voting for her would validate all that is slimy and stupid about American politics.  A vote against Craig – no matter who the opponent – is a vote against the basest, most rotten aspects of politics today.

Reason #3:  Her opponent is the father of modern Minnesota conservatism.  Jason Lewis has a 30 year record of putting his principles out there; walking back from ’em would be very, very hard – and, I suspect, anathema to him.  Add to that the fact – which I’ve already mentioned, but bears repeating as often as possible between now and election day – that Angie Craig is a lying pig who represents everything that is vile and pustulent about American politics today – and the choice is clear.

UPDATE:  Did I mention Angie Craig is a lying pig?

15 thoughts on “Three Reasons Not To Vote For Angie Craig

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  2. I’ve seen a few of her latest ones with some elitists (or, more likely paid trolls), hissing that Lewis is despicable. One of them is a blonde bimbo type decrying Lewis’ opposition to government paid birth control. The telling part of her comment was “he doesn’t know what’s going on in my life”, which, one could conclude that she likes to play, but wants everyone else to pay.

    Her latest shill is a dude named Gary something, who claims to be a Republican, but says he can’t vote for Jason Lewis and sometimes principles are more important than party.

    You’re correct, Mitch! She is a lying pig and her campaign workers and the DCCC, are slime sucking gutter snipes.

  3. Not being there I can’t validate this but, I’ve heard she is a lying pig. She proudly admits to being a reprobate, do it’s not much of a fall from there.

  4. The telling part of her comment was “he doesn’t know what’s going on in my life”

    Maybe, butI bet anyone could find out for a sawbuck.

  5. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this was the year that negative campaigning– the dirtiest it’s ever been– would NOT work against Republicans? And telling the awful truth about Democrats WOULD?

  6. If that happened, J, we would know that we had been transported to an alternate universe. But, we can only hope.

  7. Darlene Miller would have made the 2nd CD a more competitive race. I hope no one rubs it on Wednesday morning. There will be many here, like elsewhere, who will be particularly devastated this time around.

  8. Time to improve upon your Hillary schtick. As an aside, did you get the idea of “Hillary’s clotted cankles”from your wife?

  9. Darlene Miller would have made the 2nd CD a more competitive race.

    She wasn’t even competitive in the primary. Why would she have had any better shot in the race itself?

  10. lol….see what I mean, Emery?

    You can whine and snivel all you want; you can stomp your little girl feet and pound your shitty little fists; you can cut and paste someone else’s words to try and impress your betters, but the facts stand:

    You were a miserable bag of liquid shit yesterday, you’re miserable bag of liquid shit today, and you’ll still be a miserable bag of liquid shit on Wednesday and all the days after that.

    And I’d be more than happy to say that right to your shit stained, pouty little face should I ever happen to lift the rock you cower under. LOL!

  11. She would have been a better matchup for the districts purplish composition. Unless I’m proven wrong tomorrow, I don’t believe the “composition” of the 2nd leans Tea party/libertarian. Thanks again (Trump) Tea party.

  12. Emery, I’ll agree that the 2nd became bluer after the latest redistricting, but in my opinion, Kline’s weakening numbers in November have been as much about lack of support from the most conservative voters as it was more liberal/moderate voters. I’d take John Kline any cycle here in the 4th, but if I lived in the 2nd, I’d’ve been pushing for a more conservative congressman.

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