The “Mother” Of Lies

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

One of my Facebook contacts unfriended me over the weekend.  I am too hateful for her.  I prefer Trump over Hillary and Trump is hateful so therefore I am hateful.  I couldn’t reach her with logic because she’s not reacting with logic, she’s reacting with emotion.  So let’s try a different way to teach this lesson.

 Pretend the two candidates are Trump and Satan.  Yes, Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Ultimate Evil, as the Democrat candidate.  I’m NOT saying Hillary is Satan, this is just pretend, remember?

 Okay, so pretend Satan points at Trump and shrieks “He said the P-word!  He said rich and powerful men get away with things others can’t.  He’s morally unfit to serve as President.  Vote for me.”  Would you? Would you pass over a rich, entitled jerk in favor of The Father of Lies?   I hope not.  I hope you’d see past the deception and vote for the jerk.  He IS a jerk.  But he’s the lesser evil.

 Okay, stop pretending.  It’s Trump versus Hillary.  She’s the one pointing and shrieking, suggesting Trump is morally unfit so she’s the one we should vote for.  Hillary is not the Father of Lies but she’s certainly in the running for Mother of Lies: cattle futures, bimbo eruptions, dodgy campaign contributions from Hsu, Cabrera and Buddhists, Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm billing records, Travelgate, Fort Marcy Park, the Hillary-care Committee secret meetings, FBI raw files on Republicans, stolen White House china, dead broke, Benghazi internet video, sniper fire, Colin Powell’s advice, data born classified but “wiped, like with a cloth,” Clinton Foundation for Haitian relief . . . and I’m sure there are more I can’t recall.

 Trump’s comment is the modern vulgar American version of “Quod licit Jovi, non licit bovi.”  It’s been an uncomfortable truth for thousands of years. Will you punish the Speaker of Truth by electing the Mother of Lies? 

Joe Doakes

It’s a tough call.


11 thoughts on “The “Mother” Of Lies

  1. So, not to defend any of Trump’s statement about rich people and women, because they were vulgar and junior high level, but based on incidents that I have personally witnessed, there is some truth in those statements.

    I’m sure that all of us have seen “gold digger” type women that willingly participate in and/or agressively initiate these types of actions, with the hope/expectation of financial gain. If that doesn’t happen, they cry foul.

  2. Please excuse this interruption for this special announcement:

    Project Veritas has struck again…right on time.

    Question for our resident legal dudes; is a concerted effort to circumvent federal campaign law a violation of federal campaign law even if the perps purport to use legal means to circumvent. Conspiracy perhaps?

    Watch the video, but be advised, it is reprobate Democrats speaking freely; NSFW language.

  3. I resent being compared to Trump. Joe, I got a spot picked out for you down here.

  4. If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, shouldn’t we also say that anti-patriotism is the last refuge of a failure?
    It seems like a last gasp career move. You know, like Bill Maher’s shtick.

  5. I wouldn’t trust anything Hannity says.
    And no, these women accusing Trump are not gold diggers; that would be his wives.
    Trump is losing, and Trump is a pig, he is the worst candidate your part of the political spectrum has ever approved, and your extremists who have hijacked the party deserve to lose for doing this.
    You set out to destroy Obama, and you’ve sunk yourselves. This will come back to bite your behinds for a long time to come.

  6. That’s right, Prince, and don’t forget that as a lawyer, I rank a suite WITH in-dungeon boiling lava Jacuzzi.

  7. If, theologically speaking, a ‘person’ is a being with emotion, reason, and will, isn’t it possible that Trump’s hair will have a fate of its own in the afterlife?

  8. Dude, Hillary scares even me, rumor has it shes going to try a coup down here once she gets here. You know kind of likr the one her and her buddies are trying to do now. You realize like 10% of the people down here are still on the damn voter rolls?

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