7 thoughts on “Gloriously Justifiable Homicide

  1. “and leave that person penniles . . .”

    “Lawyers for Gawker and Hogan have agreed that Denton is worth $117 million and his company is worth $83 million.”

    $117 million. And he distributed a video of Hulk Hogan having sex with his friend’s wife so he could make even more money.
    In a just world, Denton would end up penniless, but he will land on his feet.
    Of course, in a just world, the jury would have figured out a way to collect the settlement, but keep it away from Hulk Hogan.

  2. In a related, and satisfying story, lawyers defending Bubba the Love Sponge against a slander charge in an unrelated case have been booted from their careers, permanently.

    The photo accompanying the story was taken during an earlier hearing; I really wish they had another with those smug, shit eating grins down around their ankles after the book had been thrown at them.

    ps: Why the Hogan hate, Bento?

  3. $117 million

    Hey BG, Clintooons left the WH broke and penniless too, remember? That’s juts chump change.

  4. Not really hate, Swiftee. Though I never met Hogan, we had mutual aquaintances back in the day. I knew an ex-girlfriend of his, a model, who claimed that he took longer to get ready to go out than she did.
    Pro wrestlers are an odd bunch. Some of them think that it is both real and a scripted performance.

  5. Who would have thought that Hulk Hogan would still be alive in 2016? I don’t wish death on the guy, but 40 years of pro wrestling and something of a libertine lifestyle takes its toll, and big guys often suffer even more. As such, I’m impressed by how well his body has dealt with that.

    Thanks to Mr. Davis for clarifying what the lawsuit was about. To be blunt, despite my distaste for the WWE in general and Mr. Bollea’s adultery in particular, I’d seen it before as mostly a 1st Amendment issue, not an issue of whether someone had the right to film that in the first place. OK, release stolen video–got it.

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