Playing The Fool?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hillary has $13 million worth of ads running during the Olympics.  Trump has none.

Meanwhile, viewership of the Olympics is down.  Hilary is burning off dollars running ads nobody is watching. 

 And people say Trump is the idiot?

 Joe Doakes

On the one hand – true.

On the other hand, I’m not sure anything Hillary does or doesn’t do will interfere with the rush to coronation that has our rulling class so bedazzled right now.

24 thoughts on “Playing The Fool?

  1. I’ve heard that in Ohio, where they have early mail in voting, the Dems have a huge operation with hundreds or thousands of volunteers. They call up the dem registered voters, explain the process, send them the ballot, follow up, etc.
    Trump has almost nothing going on in Ohio, and of course he is getting no help from Kasich.
    Ohio is a must-win state.

  2. Kasich is an American patriot.
    My advice for Trump: “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Less well known, but just as important: “When you stop digging, you are still in a hole.”

  3. “The first rule of holes is when you’re in one, stop digging. When you’re in three, bring a lot of shovels.”
    NY Times columnist Thos Friedman.

  4. A rare fish: an NRO contributor who swims against the #nevertrumper stream.
    Anti-Trump conservatives who say they’re standing on principle are chauffeuring Hillary Clinton to the White House.
    Murdock echoes my thoughts on the matter. Anyone who believes that Hillary will better for conservatism and small-r republicanism than Trump is smoking too much Rocky Mountain high.
    Trump is not an ideologue.
    Hillary is an ideologue. Hillary is such an ideologue that she now says that when she vociferously endorsed DOMA and made numerous statements that civil unions were for gays, and marriage was for one man and one woman — over the period of a decade — she was really pro-gay-marriage the whole time, and was only saying she supported DOMA to fend off a constitutional amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman.
    So she lies now in saying that she lied before in order to trick people into believing that she never held a political position that she did hold.
    Got it?
    Enjoy pulling the lever for Hillary in November, Democrats!

  5. I notice MSM is working hard on the “Jim Crow 2.0” theme to get blacks worked up and out to vote.
    Related…..was in northern Minnesota recently. Duluth News-Tribune ran a fairly large article on fears that Trump supporters may attack blacks and try to prevent them from voting. They (the newspaper) said there were several incidence of violence by Trump supporters against blacks.
    Its pretty cocky when you are confident enough to not just run slanted stories, but fabricated stories in your newspaper.

  6. It is a losing strategy. sHrillary is reaching low information voters, like eTASS and DG for example, while sTrumpet thinks that people who are packing his events are all he needs. Of course, it is not getting through his thick skull it is the same 25,000 people. It is definitely a missed opportunity. But then, more and more I think sTrumpet’s strategy is to lose.

  7. Chuck wrote: “I notice MSM is working hard on the “Jim Crow 2.0” theme to get blacks worked up and out to vote.”

    Today it’s the media, tomorrow it’ll be voter fraud. What happened to the party of personal responsibility?

  8. Clinton campaign to launch DREAMer voter drive

    The Hillary Clinton campaign is launching a new program that will organize so-called DREAmers, undocumented children brought to the U.S. by their parents, to register voters.

    The campaign will launch Mi Sueño, Tu Voto, which translates to “My Dream, Your Vote,” Monday, the fourth anniversary the enrollment date of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

    Trump is crazy to think Hillary would stoop to election fraud to steal win the election…crazy, I’m tellin’ ya!

    Under President Obama, DACA temporarily protected some young immigrants from deportation and allowed them to work legally.

  9. As opposed to Hillary taking money from women hating nations EI? Or how about the fact that 96% of her charitable donations were to her own damn foundation. Also remember all that foreign money that Obama got in 2008 and 2012 because the donation page had a ‘error’ in it? Do you liberals realize that the public is finally starting to see you as the corrupt ingrates that you have always been?

  10. Today it’s the media, tomorrow it’ll be voter fraud. What happened to the party of personal responsibility?

    From the article:
    “Savvy Pennsylvania politicos have begged to differ. Chris Matthews, the liberal MSNBC host who comes from Pennsylvania, vehemently opposes requiring ID at polling places. But he agrees that voter fraud is a Philadelphia tradition. In 2011, on his show Hardball, he explained a common scheme: People call up, see if you voted or you’re not going to vote. Then all of a sudden somebody does come and vote for you. This is an old strategy in big-city politics. . . . I know all about it in North Philly — it’s what went on, and I believe it still goes on.”

    Specter, as a former district attorney of Philadelphia, had personal knowledge of voter fraud. I reported in 2012 at NRO: Specter was appalled at the activities of the far-left group ACORN, after it was discovered they were submitting hundreds of thousands of fake voter registrations around the country. As ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, he unsuccessfully urged that a hearing be held on the ACORN scandal. He was shot down by, among others, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, who claimed, “Fraud is not systematic, and it doesn’t occur very much.” Even after he switched parties in 2009, Specter still voted with a majority of the Senate to end all federal funding of ACORN. . . . “Every vote stolen cancels out that of someone else and attacks the heart of our democracy,” he told me. “That shouldn’t be a partisan issue but just one of basic integrity.”

  11. There is virtually nothing Trump has said or done that is worse than what Hillary has done or said.
    We will not have ‘dodged a bullet’ if Hillary is elected. It will be heading straight at us.
    She has little tenure in public office, and the results of that tenure have been awful or non-existent. She had a concussion back in 2012 that may have left her brain damaged. Bill started cheating on her just four years after they were married and he never stopped. She hasn’t divorced him. Hillary is way damaged goods. I’d sooner have Ventura in the White House than Hillary, and I hate everything about Jesse Ventura, from his goofy politics, to his jerky personality, to the way he looks, all the way down to his stupid cowboy boots.

  12. “But yet Trump still struggles.”

    He’s opposed by the Democrat party machine; the media; Hollywood; Establishment Republicans; Never Trumpers; and right-thinking people like you, Emery. So yes, he struggles. To within a point or two of Hillary, who has all of the above dragging her toward the White House.

    The amazing thing about a dancing bear is not how gracefully it dances, but that it dances at all. For Trump to be this close against this much opposition is amazing.

  13. For Trump to be this close against this much opposition is amazing.

    Which goes to show just how many people are pissed off at the Democrat party machine, the media. Hollywood, establishment Republicans, etc.

  14. You’re only fooling yourself JD. Almost any other republican would be ahead of Hillary. She is one of the weakest democratic candidates in my lifetime. If Trump loses this election, (3rd in a row) how do you believe the GOP will evolve?

  15. No, Emery, in that case, I don’t think it will evolve, I think it will dissolve.

    In 2008, the party base politely suggested RINO McCain be balanced by a conservative. We got Palin and they got whomped.

    In 2012, the Taxed Enough Already party base insisted Romney be balanced by a conservative. We got Paul Ryan and they got whomped.

    In 2016, the base rejected the Establishment Republican candidates. We got Trump and the Establishment demanded he be balanced by a moderate. They got Pence. If they get whomped, the base will walk away from the GOP in search of a new party that will fight for its interests.

  16. The essential point you’re overlooking is that the Republican base believes winning the Presidency is only worthwhile if the winner is conservative. If the winner is a Liberal Republican, it’s little different from electing a Liberal Democrat because the President’s agenda will be a Liberal agenda.

    There was only one issue in the primaries: immigration. Trump stood apart from the other 16 Republican hopefuls, who all stood by Hillary to one degree or another. Trump may not be the strongest candidate to win the election, but he’s the strongest candidate that shares our goal.

  17. Emery wrote:
    “Almost any other republican would be ahead of Hillary.”
    I have never heard a good case for this.
    Let me make the opposite case.
    The GOP ran experienced, national politician candidates in 1992,1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012. They lost the popular vote by a few percentage points in all those years other than 2004 (when we were in the middle of a war).
    All of the GOP candidates who lost since 1992 have been moderates, far more moderate than the GOP base, and far more moderate than the Dem candidate. McCain was on the same side as Hillary in Citizens United, fer God’s sake.
    In all of those elections, the media, academia, and the Democrats successfully portrayed the moderate GOP candidate as being further right than Ghengiz Khan.
    The media would be covering for Hillary today, with the same concerted bias if her opponent were Kasich or Jeb.
    Kasich & Jeb are about as popular with the GOP base as the moderate Webb is with the Democrat base. If the GOP base did not turn for McCain-Obama or Romney-Obama, why would they turn out for Kasich-Clinton or Bush-Clinton?
    I don’t blame the voters. This is a republic. We are ruled by the people, not parties. I blame the GOP leaders — the GOP’s functionaries, politicians, and donors — for being happy with second place, and especially for choosing to side with the Democrats on issues like free trade and immigration. It is obvious that trade deals and and open immigration creates classes of losers as well as winners, and the losers on those deals deserve representation as much as the winners. Please don’t tell me ‘we’re all better off with more immigrants and more trade’, nobody but hard-core Libertarians make those arguments any more. Economics is not about certainties and absolute values, its study is one of the humanities, not a science (even that statement shouldn’t be taken as an absolute).
    The only issue that would have forced the media to make a positive comparison between a moderate GOP candidate and a far Left Democrat like 2016 Hillary would have been an indictment with Hillary’s name on it, and that was not forthcoming. If it had, that could have turned Bush or Kasich into a winner in November.

  18. Sure, there are parts of his message that are perfectly reasonable (and others that are completely offensive and unacceptable). The bigger problem is the messenger, not the message. It’s one thing for Trump to appeal to the GOP base during the primaries. But it’s quite another thing to appeal to the county as a whole. What everyone loves about Trump is the fact that he has no filter. I find that charming in a 12 year old, but increasingly annoying as people get past age 14. Acquiring a filter is part of the maturing process.

  19. “The bigger problem is the messenger, not the message.”
    Here we agree. It’s not always about Trump’s rhetorical style, either, and the way hyperbole his subject to ‘fact checks’ in a stringent fashion (unfairly, IMHO). At this point Trump seems unwilling or unable to up his game and become a true national candidate. I think that Trump believes that requires him becoming another McCain or Romney or Bush, and he will not do that. If he was a more experienced politician, he would be able to thread the needle by keeping his base supporters AND bringing in new supporters.
    “Acquiring a filter is part of the maturing process.”
    I will never get used to the sound of the Hillary screeching at me. She sounds like some wretched prison matron announcing a lockdown because a prisoner stole a candy bar.

  20. Emery, every citizen in town had matured enough to have a filter, except the little boy who blurted “The Emperor has no clothes.”

    Whether it’s Good Thing to have a filter depends on what the filter is filtering. If it’s preventing you from acknowledging an unpopular truth, for instance, then having a filter is a Bad Thing. See: mainstream media.

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