Primary Time

GOCRA has released its primary scorecard.


If you live in a district with a primary, be aware of your options.

Also – please note that Michelle MacDonald – who ran with a GOP endorsement obtained through the perfidy of the party’s Judicial Elections Committee – is running again, without any endorsement.  She is being promoted by a number of people as the only pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life candidate on the ballot.

This would seem to be true.  So while I would be conflicted about endorsing her for office, if those two issues matter to you, it might be worth a protest vote against an Alita Messinger Mark Dayton appointee.  It’s your call.

11 thoughts on “Primary Time

  1. DG,

    I’m going to guess you don’t even read this note.


    You keep mentioning Alita Messinger. So far as I can tell, she has been responsible for or influenced zero appointees. Not that facts keep you from harping on something.

    On the other hand, how much money have the not-residents-of-Minnesota astro-turfed Koch brothers spent to manipulate you silly people into doing things contrary to your interest or the interest of the state of MN but which profit their bottom line?

    GOP = Gullible Old People

    Michelle MacDonald is a seriously crazy person. You don’t have any good candidates. AGAIN. STILL. It’s not an accident the APA has had to revive their Goldwater rule for at least one of your candidates.


    “As far as I can tell” – well, duh. It’s like like they publicize back-room deals made as quid pro quo for seven-figure financial support.

    Or is it your position that you’d be in a position to know, one way or the other?

    “how much money have the not-residents-of-Minnesota astro-turfed Koch brothers spent”

    Oh, for the love of pete. Stop pretending that the Kochs are either unique or even CLOSE to be biggest out of state contributor.

    Your constant steam of ad-hominem is, as usual, mocked in silence.

    BTW, please go back through your previous comments. Every word you wrote has, as usual, been debunked by people who know what they are talking about.

    As usual.

  2. The MN Supreme Court race options are even worse, if that’s even possible, than what we have for the presidency. A Dayton appointee, McDonald, and a guy who says he’s running because he can’t get a job as a lawyer.

  3. Uh, with another governors race 2 (short) years away (thank merciful god for term limits) does anyone know who is throwing their hat in the ring potentially? Is Seifert going to try again or is he waiting for Collin Peterson to retire so he can take the CD7 seat?

  4. SCOM.

    (It probably should be MNSC, but SCOM sorta rolls off the tongue).

    Niska is a good choice.

  5. Went to vote in my precinct in West Bloomington about 15 minutes ago. I was voter number 31, according to the ballot handler.

  6. I will probably pull a Democrat ballot in my primary here on the Big Island this week. My state senator is currently a fellow who owns a health food store frequented by jobless hippies. One of his first acts as state senator was to introduce a bill to increase the amount of foodstamps given to jobless hippies.
    His opponent in the primary is Gregor Iligan. This is a tropic isle, so I’ll vote for G.Iligan based on his name alone . . .

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