Your Smile Is Thin Disguise

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Liberals claim the economy has been turned around for years, big recovery going on, stock market booming, unemployment at all-time lows.  I don’t believe the government’s statistics; I think bureaucrats manipulate the numbers to make the administration look good. 

 How about a more concrete number: vacant buildings in St. Paul.  856.   Economy is in a huge rebound thanks to the libs who have fixed all Bush’s errors but 856 vacant properties remain?  That’s nearly as high as during the bad years.  People generally don’t just walk away from their homes, their businesses, their investments, not without a damned good reason and in recent years that reason has tended to be “can’t afford to make the payments.”  That is not a sign of prosperity.

 When the city is littered with vacant buildings, businesses are moving out, restaurants are folding up, but the government statistics say everything is rosy, who are you going to believe: them or your lying eyes? 

Joe Doakes

There’s a place for “fake it ’til you make it”; the old Hungarian saying “the best way to become wealthy is to appear as if you already are” is one of the guiding principles of my life.

But not for “journalism”, thankewverymuch.

2 thoughts on “Your Smile Is Thin Disguise

  1. It’s interesting that in a later post, our benevolent host (and forgiving – jeesh – how much longer does this sites resident ‘Miss Anne’ get to drop turds in the comment section without at least typing ‘hello’? – but I digress) notes the exodus of celebrities (99-44/100 pure Ivory white, btw) are heading to the, well, Great White North known as Canada instead of Mexico?
    The reality is, for all the complaining about people not voting, they continually vote with their feet. At the present rate, St. Paul becomes Detroit (my native city) in 30-40 years. If St Paul had Detroit’s Devil’s Night Tradition (mmm, Devil’s Night) you would see this occur in less than 20 years. You combine bad schools, high taxes, poor services, high crime and stultifying one-party rule and after some time passes the only people left are those in the wagon (government dependents (employed and unemployed) and retired government employees) and those pulling the wagon (a small group of privately employed people wishing they’d gotten out and some rich people who won’t live in the suburbs (ewww) but are content to park their wealth out of state & city tax jurisdiction.
    PS: JD – Are there copper pipes (left) in any of those 856 empty buildings? Asking for a friend.

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