Congratulations Are In Order!

To:  Mike Mullen, City Pages
From:  Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Best Wishes

Mr. Mullen,

As we’re coming up on high school graduation, I can only wish you the best in your future endeavors.  Hopefully your college studies will lead you to an adult life that you find fulfilling and exciting.

Reach for the stars.

Mitch Berg
Uppity Peasant

PS:  I’m assuming you’re a high school kid who’s interning at the CP based on the tone, style and quality of “journalism” in this piece, which reads like something from a click-bait site.  If I’m mistaken, and you’re an actual “reporter” and “writer”, I apologize.  I mean, basically. 

That is all.  

12 thoughts on “Congratulations Are In Order!

  1. Pearl Jam played in Greenville last week. Guess they thought South Carolina is. Cool enough.

  2. The North Carolina law does not use the word “gender,” it uses the word “sex.” Sex is biology, male or female plumbing. Gender is social expectation, boys play with trucks, girls with dolls. A tomboy is a girl who acts like a boy – she’s crossed the gender expectation line, she’s transgender. A man who completes sexual reassignment surgery arguably is no longer biologically male so perhaps female, despite those pesky chromosomes? The law is not aimed at that guy, it’s aimed at males who want to hang out in women’s bathrooms, changing rooms and shower rooms, for their own personal reasons. It shouldn’t be necessary to pass a law to codify a historical social custom that has existed for ages, but North Carolina thought it was and plainly they were right, else there’d be no outcry against it. This cub reporter should read the text of the actual law instead of cribbing his news from Slate.

  3. Anybody using a bathroom contrary to their plumbing, whether natural or artificial, isn’t transgender, they’re a pervert.

  4. Joe Doakes, in the current climate, if a male perv goes into a ladies room, creeps the ladies out, ladies call the cops “There is a man in the ladies room!”, and the cops show up, those cops will have to worry that arresting said perv will bring the JD down on his ass and end his career.

  5. What J. Ewing says. The ugly reality is that there are a lot more names on Megan’s List than there are real transgender people, so if I’m going to choose, I’m going to avoid the very real risk of perverts in the locker room over the likelihood that someone who’s confused about whether he’s a boy or she’s a girl might get his/her feelings hurt by having to use the appropriate restroom.

    Or are liberals saying that Megan’s List doesn’t matter? Inquiring people want to know. I guess they are over a barrel with the need to make sure that a woman who aided and abetted her husband’s long history of adultery, sexual harassment, and rape doesn’t pay a price for that in the polls.

  6. Why is the discomfort of a minuscule minority more important than the the discomfort of more than half the population? Is this some kind of War on Women?

  7. When leftists were pushing for homo protection laws, the meme was “Why are Republicans so worried about what goes on in the bedroom?”. That task completed, they moved on to #GayWeddingDressUpDay, and the meme was Why are Republicans so worried about who you love?”

    Now it’s getting men wearing dresses into the girls bathroom, and the meme is “Why are Republicans so worried about other people’s crotch’s?”

    See the game is, get the ball rolling, and when real America takes notice, act like you don’t know what they’re talking about, and act surprised they’d even be talking about it.

    It hits at least 10 of Alynsky’s 12 rules.

    Problem is, if a man wearing a dress tries to enter a bathroom my wife happens to be using, I’ll drag that somebitch out by the roots of his wig anyway; and I bet I wouldn’t be alone.

  8. Men don’t have to wear a dress to use the women’s room, after all, most women don’t wear dresses everyday.
    When I was young, the movie “Porky’s” was popular, which was all about want horny teen age heterosexual boys would do to get a look at unclothed women. Most of us know that the biology has not changed. Every high school in America will have some joker claim to identify as trans in order to hang out in the girl’s locker room.

  9. It is my understanding that “transgender” is a state of mind and “transsexual” is your post-op condition.

    Not that it matters outside of context…

  10. Here’s the problem with “post-op” trannies. If a guy is batshit crazy enough to get his package wacked off for a tuck and roll job, do you really want him anywhere near your family?

    Self mutilation is a recognized symptom of severe mental illness…how does paying someone to do it for you make it OK?

  11. Don’t concentrate on the behavior of transsexuals. For better or worse, they are protected politically, no matter what their behavior and mental state is or might be. Concentrate on the fact that there are 840,000 + people on Megan’s List that have a proven track record of taking advantage of situations like being allowed in the ladies’ room; far more than postoperative transsexuals.

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