Our Idiot Elite, Part CXXXIX

Kevin Williamson:

There’s a great deal of talk about elitism in American politics lately, most of which misses the point: The problem isn’t that our media and our policy debates are dominated by elites—of course they are; that’s what elites do—it’s that our elites aren’t very good. Our elites do not effectively perform the social function of elites. On some very important issues, such as crime and the economic struggles of the lower-earning half of American households, the discussion is dominated by elites whose members don’t have much useful knowledge to contribute to the conversation.

On quite a few major issues, our “elites” are dumber than the mid-range general population.

3 thoughts on “Our Idiot Elite, Part CXXXIX

  1. That is why when elites call for open borders, they don’t mean setting immigrant dorms on Summit Ave, or flooding the Golden Valley specialists office with sick illegals, or putting huge numbers of non-English speakers in high priced private schools.

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