Second Time’s The Charm?

Stuart Mills makes it ooh, so close to official that he’s going for a rematch in the 8th CD.

A rematch with Mills – whose 2014 bid lost by about a point – will give the DFL a chance to exercise those keen logical and reasoning skills in their never-ending pursuit of the stupid vote:

House Majority PAC and the DCCC aired ads thrashing Mills for his personal wealth, and at the time, his long hair.

“If you take a look at the attacks that they leveled against me, the one thing they never wanted to engage in was the issues,” Mills said on Wednesday. “They wanted to talk about my hair. They wanted to talk about my family’s success and the people we employed. They did not want to talk about the issues.”

Mills cut his iconic long hair this summer after a barbecue accident.

How many ancient keg-stand photos do you think the DFL can recycle before people figure out they’ve got nothing?

4 thoughts on “Second Time’s The Charm?

  1. “… before people figure out they’ve got nothing?”

    Some people can be counted on to “figure out” nothing (*waves to Dog Gone*) except confirming old assumptions. Hopefully the populations of those anti-rational, results-are-nothing, intentions-are-everything, “what Kos and DU say is all the ‘facts’ I need” types will shrink in number.

  2. “…before people figure out they’ve got nothing?”

    I went to college with a gaggle of people for whom ‘nothing’ is a primary number.

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