Against The Empire

Sick of your tax dollars going to fund late term abortions, and Lamborghinis for ghouls selling baby parts on your dime?

There’s a protest scheduled over at the big box Abortion Hut – AKA “The Abattoir on Vandalia” – today over the noon hour.

Details?  Right here:

Invitation: Please Join Us at a Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood!
Where: St. Paul’s Mega Planned Parenthood, 671 Vandalia Street, St. Paul MN 55105

When: July 28th
Time: 12:00pm—1:00pm
Minnesota Family Council’s Director of Policy & Communications, Autumn Leva, will be speaking at the rally! We hope to see you there!

Right in the middle of the work day, unfortunately – but I’ll be there in spirit.

I have a hunch these video stings are making a lot of people who were soft-core on abortion quite a big harder-core.

It’s certainly working for me.

9 thoughts on “Against The Empire

  1. Wow. That building is quite an upgrade from the little hovel the Mengeles used to occupy in Ford Parkway.

    …but hey, they’re non-profit.

  2. BTW, for anyone that doubt the damage legalized infanticide has done to society, I invite you to read comments from the foul mouthed, blood thirsty, screaming sea hags on leftist media.

    We have really messed our kids up, but good.

  3. CMP is at it again.

    I’m largely libertarian by nature. But being libertarian doesn’t mean abandoning the protection of the defenseless, so I’ve never been pro-abortion. The videos of just what they’re aborting will turn any human with an ounce of compassion against this vile procedure.

  4. Tweety, you can afford nice palaces when your non-profit is running a “surplus”.

  5. Nerd…that is my take. A lot of libertarians and moderate liberals, in a different world, would have no problem with a “safe rare legal” abortion.
    But the pro-abortion crowd is so over the top, that it hurts their cause.

    Example? They are trying to ban crises pregnancy centers in certain cities (Chicago, NYC). Yes, if you give a woman options…medical, financial, and assistance if she keeps her child, or adoption advice if she doesn’t, you are a bad person. For the record, my extended family has had several adoptions, including my dad. I am glad he wasn’t aborted. Chelsea Clinton is sad that her grandmother wasn’t aborted.

  6. I am against picket-protests. It seems to be both too much and too little. The public lines are drawn. All the action is going to be done in the courts and the ballot box. Given the precedents set by Obama and Holder, imagine the mischief a pro-life president could do to the abortion businesses by keeping on just the right side of the law, or if he was willing to push it to impeachment. Pro-life seminars at the JD, with all employees required to attend, mounds of paperwork could be required for each abortion performed, racial stats analyzed to be certain that abortions are distributed fairly along racial and ethnic lines. In the Third Reich, abortion was illegal for Aryans, but encouraged among the lesser races. Remind you of any practices in the US today?

  7. All the action is going to be done in the courts and the ballot box

    And a good picket protest is a good thing for getting the base whipped up to drag their friends and relatives to the ballot box.

  8. abortion was illegal for Aryans, but encouraged among the lesser races. Remind you of any practices in the US today?

    these are Minnesota’s stats from yesterdays post:
    Blacks @ 5.7% of population had 26.67% of abortions
    Whites @86.2% of population had 62% of abortions ,
    American Indians @1.3% of population had 2.94% of abortions
    and Asians @4.5% of population had 8.35% of abortions

    looks like PP has a de facto bias in favor of Aryans – talk about white privilege.

  9. Blue, given that Planned Infanticide can’t even be bothered to refer clear cases of statutory rape to authorities under the mandatory reporter laws all states have, I am guessing that any attempt by a pro-life President (or Governor) to do the things you suggest would get tied up in court so quickly, it would make your head spin.

    Remember what happened when Phill Kline tried to prosecute George Tiller and his abortuary for failing to report likely cases of statutory rape? Now it appears that Kline had some ethical problems of his own–lying to get information from state agencies–but his case illustrates the point that if you’re going to take on the infanticide lobby, you’ve got to mind your ps and qs in how you do it. They can and will pounce on anything you do wrong.

    I think what you do instead is say that “statistics suggest that x% of teen pregnancies involve an adult father, which indicates that we should expect Y reports of statutory rape from abortion clinics. Review of state records shows only Z reports, of which only Q were acted on. I challenge abortion clinics to release records which would clarify this issue, as I would hope that they do not wish to be complicit in the tolerance of rape, and I challenge state attorneys general to investigate this.”

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