I’ve written a few blog posts over the years about my occasional trips to Saint Paul City Hall.  There, before you go into the building, you go through, not so much a metal-detector, but an insatiable electronic would-be petty deity.  You could walk in there buck naked, and it’d beep, and the surly, cranky security guard would have you stand with your arms out and wand you.  I’ve literally made a game of it over time; I’ve tried to remove every possible bit of metal from my person.  The accursed machine has beeped, literally, over the metal in my shoes’ shoelace eyelets.

And I’ve joked that maybe Saint Paul’s government would be more responsive, and responsible, if the machine and the sheriff’s deputies weren’t there; if the city government had to concern itself with irate citizens the way the rest of us do.

And I was surprised – or, put another way, “not surprised in the least” – to see that there’s precedent for this.

I say take away the metal detectors, and let government at all levels deal with its own security.

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  1. Something to keep on the radar……the two guys who murdered the 90 year old man in the SW metro…….not confirmed, but they may have been in the country illegally. And one was living in the “sanctuary” city of St Paul.

  2. I’m thinking that as long as we’re spending trillions of bucks at the federal government level each year, we’re going to need to hire some security for certain personnel. Agreed fully that legis-critters and bureau-creeps do need to feel the wrath of voters and taxpayers more often, but we’ve got to be smart about it.

    Five will get you ten that Herbert was hung over when he shot the waiter.

  3. They should allow sabres. Not as clumsy or random as a firearm; an elegant weapon, from a more civilized age.

  4. Chuck, I actually work with a brother of the guy who employed one of the perps. Coworker played cards with the deceased. Suffice it to say that he’s pretty sure his brother wasn’t checking immigration status, and that all involved in that business weren’t paying their fair share of taxes. Illegal immigrants; doing the crime that Americans just won’t do.

    Joe: :^). I joke with my wife that I’m going to get one for home defense, and shout at home invaders “Mohel Tuckman here–prepare for your bris!”.

    Joke, since of course many home invaders are armed. Hopefully if my home ever is invaded, the last thing invaders will see is muzzle flash, and not from a gun in their hand.

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