Trulbert: The Final Installment (V)

 – 7AM, November 10, 2015:  1725 Slough Avenue, Scranton, PA

“You see yourself as a sort of Hendrickson figure?” Schrute said with an air of contempt to his longtime nemesis and recent Bestische Mensch, Jim Halpert.

“Well, yeah”.

“That’s stupid”, Schrute harrumphed.  “I’d be Myron Ilktost”.

“Dwight, in so many ways, I think you’re right”.

Is that how Trulbert ends?  

That’s what she said!  

Check back June 15!

1 thought on “Trulbert: The Final Installment (V)

  1. Hendrickson approched the now-broken window on the 12th floor that had until just recently framed the figure of Myron Ilktost. Looking down cautiously he saw that someone had arranged stones on the plaza so as to spell out, “Goodbye, farewell, and amen.”

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