Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Roughed out my taxes. Going to have to write a check to the IRS – not enough deductions.

I suppose I could
start a private charity to solicit giant donations – the blue arrowhead is helpful, find your friends! Or maybe just not pay the taxes.

But I’m not a Democrat. I need a side business where I can lose some money on paper and write off expenses such as bar association dues.

Any suggestions?

Joe Doakes

I got nothing for you, man.


6 thoughts on “Options

  1. Do the “Charitable” non-profit. Declare your home to be its HQ (such as Michael Moore did) to remove the property tax liability. Pay yourself a handsome salary. Go to lots of conferences in nice places, paid for by your charity of course. Do like the gay-rights scammers do……come up with some lame volunteer project, get some Big Corp employees to volunteer, then have Target, Best Buy and General Mills to write a nice fat check to your charity. Then use the money for a trip to one of those “conferences”.

  2. Most people do not understand how laws work. They think laws are very short and simple. And only do the good things that the promoters of said law says.
    Actually a law is very large and complex. It does all kinds of things that people have no clue about. And it gives gov’t bureaucrats a lot of power.

    See 1965 Civil Rights Act (a good law, but many provisions are very outdated). What the EPA can do (CO2 is a pollutant and the EPA can shut down my powerplant?). Obamacare (they didn’t tell me that the law would be used to declare war on the Little Sisters of the Poor). Anti-bullying law (wait, you mean I have to hire a person just to deal with the reporting requirements? I don’t have money for that.)

  3. Have six kids. I always get a big check back…. or direct deposit these days. :^)

  4. Take a “Keynesian Stimulus” deduction, Joe Doakes. If the IRS doesn’t like, call Paul Krugman as your witness at the trial. Not paying taxes creates more deficit spending, which helps the economy. You can’t argue with a Nobel Prize winner.

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