The “Whole Foods” Vortex

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Doesn’t this just take the cake? The people who refuse to vaccinate are NOT ignorant, inbred, redneck right-wing trailer trash as we might conclude from the vitriol in the media and on the Internet; they’re Mac-Groveland types: wealthy, educated, White, English speaking Liberals as proven in a 2011 government study.

I particularly like this guy’s quip about mapping anti-vaccers by drawing a circle around Whole Foods stores.

Liberal parents won’t risk their precious children getting sick from vaccines.  Instead, they depend on everybody else’s kids getting vaccinated.  That way, their own kids get a free ride because the rest of the herd is immune.   Which works fine until all the Liberal free-riding parents put their unvaccinated kids together at, say, Disneyland, then they all get sick.

Liberals steal a free ride off everybody else . . . disaster results.  Who woulda thunk it?

Joe Doakes

Academically, I can see the libertarian case for making vaccinations voluntary.

I can also see the flip side; practicing social stigmatizing of anti-vaxxers, and barring them from any privately-sanctioned event or business to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

But I revel in the brutal irony of it all; the liberal anti-vaxxers that live in those circles around those Whole Foods stores are the same people who chant along with NPR that man-made glerbal werming is “settled science” and that they are “reality-based”, unlike those superstitious Faux-News-addled conservative rubes who hate them some science.

3 thoughts on “The “Whole Foods” Vortex

  1. As long as doctors and public health officials fail to present the data, we will apparently need laws to force people to vaccinate.

    But that said, since apparently the biggest non-vaccinators are liberals, would they know what to do with data if it hit them on the ***?

    One other thought; I have read that many doctors believe that the efficacy of vaccines wears out over time. If the data exist to prove this, then we ought to achieve greater “herd Immunity” by vaccinating, or re-vaccinating, adults. I can see a lot of adults who would gladly go through another round of MMR or DTaP to reduce the likelihood their children or grandchildren would be exposed, for example.

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