How The GOP Should Respond To #BlackLivesMatter

Today’s Democrat Party represents an unbroken line of “urban policy” thought in majority-black areas – from urban Chicago to rural Mississippi – stretching back 50 years. It’s a school of thought that says if we throw enough money at poverty, at bad education, and at crime, they’ll magically get better.

And yet after 50 years of unfettered Democrat power in places ranging from Newark to rural Alabama, from Compton to North Minneapolis, poverty in the Black community has only grown, the achievement gap between black and white students has skyrocketed, black literacy has fallen, and crime in black neighborhoods in Democrat cities has defied the national drop in violent and property crimes; in the meantime, the black family continues to fragment, with a majority of African-American children born out of wedlock and growing up in single-family homes.

And in response, what does the Democrat Party bring to its Black voters? Big words and protests and emotional catharsis over an issue like black men being shot by the police – which is certainly a terrifying and frustrating issue – and not a word about the fact that unemployment among blacks has increased more than any other demographic since 2007, that literacy has fallen as the achievement gap has ballooned, and that for all of the Black community’s loyalty to the Democrats, poverty hasn’t budged.

One can’t blame Black America for protesting – but you have to wonder, after fifty years, if the protests aren’t being ginned up to give people something to protest about other than achievement gaps, black-on-black crime and poverty.  

The GOP joins with the Black community in seeking an end to the senseless waste of young black lives, while calling for an *honest* conversation with the community and the Democrat party on the abject failure of their policies to make life even one iota better for Black Americans over the past two generations.

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  1. You didn’t really touch on the one big giant 800 ton gorilla in the room: The fact that a good chunk of the blame for the bad position the black community finds itself in rests within that community itself. The celebration of the “urban” culture and the associated lawlessness and destructive behavior is a large part of why a lot of the “white” community casts a slanted eye at the black community, at the very least, and more realistically (and wisely) rolls up the windows and locks the car doors when driving down Broadway after dark.

    The black community’s rather appalling lack of thought, lack of self control, and automatic knee-jerk reliance on blaming racism for every perceived slight says a lot about the societal intelligence of that community as a whole. It’s a vicious circle, one that the left has been driving for 50+ years: Destroy the public education system, so that generations of kids receive little or no education, and then are led around like a cow with a nose ring by the left.

    There’s a meme pic going around FB that says it all: “The powers that be want to keep the population just barely smart enough to be able to operate the machines, yet dumb enough that they never stop to think about the position they’re in”.

  2. I didn’t, because a) I’m writing to that community, and b) like most 800 pound gorillas, there’s not much point in going at it directly.

  3. The “progressives” in the country have a history dating back at least as far as the FDR era of believing that the key to attacking any and all social problems is to spend money. Anyone questioning the effectiveness of this strategy is immediately accused of hating the recipients. To cut a government program because it hasn’t been effective is marked by “progressives” and their handmaidens in the MSM as racist, anti-children, anti-women etc. Ad hominem rhetoric from the likes of Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, to name a couple of former intellectuals who specialize in attacking moderates and conservatives. Then there are the out and out race hustlers like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who seemingly have the ear of the POTUS whenever they choose to divert attention away from solving social problems with anything other than demagoguery and extortion.
    Well meaning but clueless people are fearful of challenging these shibboleths partly out of ignorance of the ineffectiveness and outright harm of many social spending programs, as well as the group shaming tactics employed by those who promote them. Who wants to be painted as hating minorities, women or children? That’s what progressives have learned to do to people who oppose them. The answer is to speak the truth, not to engage in their ad hominem campaigns and be relentless in demanding proof. Repeat daily, because it’s going to take a long time.

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  5. “growing up in single-family homes”

    Surely you mean “single parent”? I think the place my wife and I live in with our kids would count as a single family home.

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