Maybe Dog Whistles Just Jumped The Shark

Well, if I have anything to say about it, they have.

Because this particular episode may be the most parity worthy bit of leftist prattle I’ve ever seen.

Darius Rucker – African-American country western singer and onetime member of “Hootie and the Blowfish” – saying the seasonal classic “White Christmas” on NBC broadcast last night.

In the reaction was the kind of thing you do found in parody, 15 short, yet much smarter, years ago.


What was it that PJ O’Rourke said? “Life is full of irony, when you’re stupid”?

2 thoughts on “Maybe Dog Whistles Just Jumped The Shark

  1. Oddest left wing MSM story of the day? Todays St Paul paper. Has an article saying that its not clear if Tory Hunter had to sign for less money because he and his wife believe in the traditional definition marriage and that he supported the successful Republican governor candidate in his home state of Arkansas.

    So MSM creates the issue. There is no eviedence. Its part of shutting down the debate. You shall not take views opposite of those in the left wing media.

  2. #blacklivesmatter – not in chicago
    murders to date this year: 415
    black victims: 79.3%
    black perpetrators: 68.6%

    stupid indeed!

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