Democracia Ahora!

¡Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

When I went outside this morning to put up my American flag, a pickup full of illegal immigrants stopped to ask if this is where they vote Democrat For Immigration Amnesty. No dude, that’s the Rec Center down the street. And they don’t open til 8. Yes, ocho. Yeah you have a good day, too.

In Saint Paul, the line between satire and truth is so gray and blurry, it hardly exists.

4 thoughts on “Democracia Ahora!

  1. When you’re a Republican in Saint Paul, someone’s always happy to make you a caricature for you.

  2. California state senator sentenced to 90 days in prison serves about an hour
    A California state senator who resigned his seat after being convicted of eight counts of perjury and voter fraud and sentenced to 90 days in prison has been freed before he even entered the jail system.
    Convicted felon Patrick Cannon in trouble for voting
    Two weeks after he lost his right to vote, former Charlotte mayor and convicted felon Patrick Cannon apparently cast a ballot.

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