1 thought on “We Were Warned…

  1. Big difference: No Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture (DPDMC) member is going to ask each and every member of Harkin’s party running for office today to defend or repudiate those remarks.
    Todd Akin became through the cooperation of the DPDMC, the Democrats and places where low information voters, including independents and moderates get their news (Comedy Central, SNL and TMZ), the whole Republican Party.
    If Harkin could get away with lying about his military service record, this really is a spit in the ocean.
    PS: Normally constantly offended feminists might have commented on this but 1. Joni Ernst is a Rethuglican (eww!) and 2. They are in a pitched battle trying to defend that viral video of the woman walking around NYC getting cat called by men of color as not racist.

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