Our Douchebag Opposition

Anti-NRA “Daily Beast” writer wonders why the NRA – which famously rails against domestic overreach – isn’t defending black people in Ferguson Missouri (with the not-so-muted conclusion that it’s all in the racism).

The real answer:  for the same reason the National Organization of Women isn’t protesting against whaling.

The NRA focuses like a laser beam on the Second Amendment.

You’ll note – although the “Daily Beast” writer does not – that the NRA supported to the hilt the action by Otis McDonald, which led to the Supreme Court incorporating the Second Amendment as a “right of the people”.

Odd how that got forgotten.

4 thoughts on “Our Douchebag Opposition

  1. Then Schecter must also be wondering why the ACLU does little if anything to further second amendment causes.

    He must also have some great inside information.

    As far I’ve seen, a clear determination of wrongdoing on either side of the Ferguson incident has yet to be determined. Nor has enough evidence to take a strong stand, unless you’re sticking by your preconceived biases (as I tend to do). However, Mr. Berg’s whaling analogy pretty much affirmatively sums up a non-response by the NRA to the matter. Or for that matter, the Hibbing Violin-Makers guild’s …

  2. It seems to me that the image of stores being broken into and looted in front of police officers who stand by AND LET IT HAPPEN contrasted with images of armed store owners standing guard kind of proves the NRA’s point.

  3. Exactly. Additionally, any law that is flagrantly disregarded by those whose duty is to enforce it becomes pretty much null and void. It also makes it much harder to start enforcing it again, and to prosecute it.

    A judge or jury of “peers” (see: uninformed voters and the Ventura decision) might likely look back to the unenforced laws when seeking direction on guilt or innocence, or on sentencing guidance on those crimes that are enforced.

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