There’s Gambling Going On In This Establishment…

I’m not “Minnesota Nice”.

Partly it’s because I’m not from Minnesota.  I’m “North Dakota Dour and Taciturn”.   Minnesota is a South Beach conga line dance compared to North Dakota. 

And when I hear “Minnesota Nice”, what I think is “Minnesota Passive-Aggressive”. 

Bill Salisbury – one of the deans of Minnesota political reporting – and Don Davis, who fills the same bill with the Forum News Service, noted over the weekend that the “Governor race could be ‘Minnesota nice’”. 

And my impression is proven correct.

That, and my belief that too many journos either think Minnesotans are stupid, or are actively trying to make them that way, as in this featurette on our two major gubernatorial candidates.

You can read the whole thing – but here’s the part that got my attention:

The Hennepin County commissioner and former legislator from Plymouth [endorsed GOP candidate Jeff Johnson] is an affable guy who shuns angry attacks on political opponents. That description also fits Dayton.

Sounds hunky-dory! 

Except that Governor Dayton doesn’t have to attack anyone.  He’s got his boss’s ex-wife’s group, “Alliance for a “Better” Minnesota”, to do that for him. 

You know – the group that ran the epic, toxic sleaze campaign against Tom Emmer in 2010; the one that called Jeff Johnson “evil” over Christmas last year. 

The Democrats could run Shirley Temple against a Republican Beaver Cleaver; we’d soon hear see a commercial with Eddie Haskell complaining that Beaver bullied him as a child.

4 thoughts on “There’s Gambling Going On In This Establishment…

  1. I suspect that such a gubernatorial battle would look a lot like the despicable, but once popular practice of “bum fighting.” In it, two decrepit homeless men would be induced by food, cash, booze, etc. to engage in a physical fight against each other. The sad event would then be videotaped and passed around – not sure if YouTube was in existence then.

    The sadists engaged this practice did so more for “laughs” than as a display of top-notch fighting skills. Hence the comparison.

  2. Stop being Minnesota Nice, Mitch. If Republicans ran Beaver Cleaver, you’d see an onslaught of commercials, starting with Eddie Haskell that the Beav bullied him as a child so he could give tax cuts to “the rich”, then a commercial featuring June Cleaver calling the Beav a sexist homophobe, followed by a commercial with Ryan Winkler accusing the Beav of being a racist who wants to prevent minorities from voting.

    After that, they’d get nasty.

  3. You couldn’t script this. Just as I am logging onto my computer….a comercial comes on the local news bashing Jeff Johnson. According to this commerical, Jeff Johnson is pure evil.

    If this is Minnesota nice, I’d hate to see what Minnesota nasty is.

  4. Chuck, it is really telling that Governor Mumbles and related propaganda machine operators, go after Stewart Mills as someone that inherited their money and received a family paycheck, while Mark Dayton and his ex are trust funders themselves. Unlike the many libidiots that inherited their money and never held a real job, Mills has actually taken over the reins of the company and is delivering results. Gotta love the jealousy of the left.

    I wonder if Scott Walker’s team could paint the same picture of Mary Burke, the trust fund daughter of the founder of Trek Bicycles over in WI? The Dems try to pass her off as someone with business experience. Whatever!

    Now that I know the leanings of that company, I’m glad that I never bought any Trek products and will avoid doing so in the future.

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