What Could Go Wrong?

Ezra Klein has left the WaPo, to start a new blog to help readers “contextualize” the news.

Unlike about 20,000 news and politics blogs.  Including this one. 

But Ezra Klein – with a little help from friends like Matt “One-Man Education Bubble” Yglesias – is going to bring special “context” to the news. 

Here was an example of the sort of “context” Klein and Yglesias bring “to the news”, from an excellent adventure they had on the Chicom tab a few years back.

3 thoughts on “What Could Go Wrong?

  1. hey I bet Mary Mapes is available. She could help him resurrect the JournoList just in time for Hilary’s valiant quest to finally crush the VRWC

  2. There’s a reason Bezos, who has shown he’s got half a clue about business, passed on giving Klein what he wanted: there’s no way that it made even the faintest business sense.

    The amazing part is that someone who claims to be a “wonk” can’t run the numbers himself. But then again, Klein is a blindly partisan leftist “wonk”, so running a business is as foreign to him as Shakespeare is to Richard Sherman.

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