Chanting Points Memo: Irrational Exuberance

The local establishment media have been flogging a article in the NYTimes in which Professor Larry Jacobs – the most over-quoted person in Twin Cities media, although Professor David Schultz is breathing hard on his heels – claims “progressive” Minnesota’s outlook is better than “conservative” Wisconsin’s.

I was going to tackle it – but Jeff Peil already did, and did it just fine.

Read the whole thing – but here’s the money quote:

So what does it matter? The whole point of Jacobs’ article is that Minnesota and Wisconsin are perfect little laboratories to measure the consequences of completely opposite policies. The only problem is that they are not. What’s worse is that the consequences he cites are so cherry-picked, that Politifact, renowned in conservative circles for being vehemently left-leaning, actually pre-empted Jacobs’ drivel a couple of months ago. Politifact called it a half-truth to state that Minnesota is faring better than Wisconsin in important areas. But, you see, that does not matter to the likes of Jacobs or the Times. Walker must be taken down – sound reasoning and intellectually honest analysis is irrelevant.

The truth is that it is way too soon to see what differences, if any, exist between liberal and conservative rule. Mark Dayton spent much of his term battling a Republican majority, which, like its federal counterpart, shut the government down. Being as generous as I can, he has had about nine months to enact his policies. Similarly, Scott Walker spent the majority of his term battling a recall effort which ended up with his party losing control of one chamber of the legislature.

Economies take time to change – but the parade of suck has begun in Minnesota.

7 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: Irrational Exuberance

  1. Jacobs and Spry were on the other station this morning. Conversation was billed as WI vs MN, but immediately turned into Spend More Money on Education! by Jacobs. He is one slippery fella, speaking out of both sides of his mouth, building strawmen for every arguement. A typical libturd idealogue.

  2. First, I want to say…as a resident of Minnesota, I want the state to have a good economy, even if it means Dayton takes credit for it. But, having said that….as you know, it takes years for a set of policies full affects to be known, good or bad. Bethlehem Steel was one of the nations premiere companies in the 50s and 60s, yet they had already set the wheels in motion for a series of events that caused their liquidation in the early 1990s. Ask the retirees in Johnstown who lost their pensions if it was worth getting everything they asked for in the late 50s.

    The same on the state level. Being anti-business and anti-wealth creation won’t destroy a state in 2 years, especially one that has been fairly well run for the past few years.

    One example of what Walker will do that will help Wisc for years? Get the iron mine going in the north. That will provide jobs in a depressed area. The rail lines will be rebuilt which will also help the loggers and paper industry. Mining equipment is built in South Milwaukee. The Democats want northern Wisconsin to only have minimum wage part time tourism jobs.

  3. Chuck, my dad made a living selling process equipment to Bethlehem Steel (Burns Harbor)–and he notes that the guys there had the month pegged when they’d go into bankruptcy. It was a simple matter of “when will liabilities exceed assets” plus a couple of months.

    Funny how the rank and file can listen to the actuaries when the executives (corporate and the White House) flat out ignore them. It’s like they’ve got a lot at stake or something, and the executives don’t.

  4. The comparisons with neighboring / regional states / competitors is more interesting. It gets worse when you take the numbers apart. Not only is Wisconsin adding jobs below the national rate, and the regional rate, but the jobs being added are, for the most part, low-wage, low-skill jobs.

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