Guardians Of The Narrative

NPR News this morning:

The officers who shot the woman at the Capitol are among the hundreds of thousands of government employees not being paid…

Tax money well spent.

UPDATE:  This was just  flip little thing I’d toss off onto the blog while I was sitting at a stoplight on my way to work. 

But the whole “federal cops are unpaid!” bit not only seems to be a coordinated bit of lefty narrative

but it’s completely wrong

So apparently the “top flight journalists” at National Public Radio are reporting lefty twitter-cant as fact, now.

6 thoughts on “Guardians Of The Narrative

  1. Management decides which employees are essential. If The Obama Administration decided those cops were non-essential but NPR thinks gunning down an unarmed woman with a child in her car blocks away from the Capitol proves the cops were, in fact, essential, that just means managers in The Obama Administration are incompetent, which is no surprise considering how little management knows about what’s going on at ATF, IRS, EPA, NSA . . . . Can’t see how the Obama Administration’s leadership problems are a reason to snark at Republicans. What, NPR wants Republicans to fund MORE Capitol cops to kill women who have mental health issues? Why does NPR hate women?

  2. Sadly, Fox appears to have fallen for it, too. My BS sensors were pegged, though, when people said “they haven’t been paid since Tuesday”. Do journalists get paid daily because if you gave them two weeks’ salary at once, they’d drink it away and starve or something?

  3. If Fox is on board with it too, I suggest 30 pieces of silver in lieu of gold. Limbaugh hasn’t been too kind to Fox lately either. Can’t forget that Fox is a business, not a cause.

    No doubt their union masters would not allow it, but I’d think that staying on the job during the budget freeze should be required in order to receive back pay. Either that, or some partial reimbrsement during the shut down to cover the expenses of going to work with a pay delay until it’s settled.

    I don’t buy President Obama’s “Of course they’ll get back pay” knee-jerk, based on the new justification mantra, “Through no fault of their own.” It’s not the taxpayer’s fault either. Stuff happens. Again, the unions wouldn’t like that.

    Even reimbursement at time and a half for remaining on the job for the duration, or half-pay for staying home would be money better spent than full pay for nothing.

  4. Hey, shouldn’t NPR be shut down? They’re pretty non-essential. In fact, more people probably tried to get into a national park today than tuned into National Public Radio.

  5. “I wonder what “talk like a Ninja day” would be like. ”

    The comments would be short and quiet

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