7 thoughts on “HGF: If I Had A Million Dollars

  1. Looks like a spider (of the arachnid type) from head on. Also looks like somebody hit McLaren with an ugly stick.

  2. If somebody dropped a million bucks into my bank account, I don’t know that I’d be blowing much of it on a car.

    On the other hand, my minivan has 170,000 miles on it….maybe a new crossover to avoid mechanical difficulties or something, but that still leaves about 95% or more of that million, even if I got the thing with leather and gold plating.

  3. (Master of None Says:

    December 19th, 2008 at 10:15 am
    Hey jackscrow, did you used to hang out on the Pelican Parts Forum? )

    Naw. Way too technical for me.

    But I do have a love affair with the 928S from my HS days. And someday, after that rich uncle I don’t have dies, or I stumble upon an open Brinks truck, or St. Peter jots the wrong tittle and I end up in heaven, I will obtain one and somehow keep it running.

  4. Yeah, Pretty sure I’d skip the Alfa & buy a real Ferrari for a third of the price. That would give me $600,000 to keep the Ferrari running & insured.

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