We Keep Warning You

We warned the DFL.  “Go ahead – raise cigarette taxes – the most regressive tax there is.  Watch what happens.  People will go out of their way to avoid paying the tax.  Just you watch!”

And the DFLers – and their camp followers in the local Sorosphere – assured the,selves “Naw!   People won’t drive miles out of their way for…cigarettes.  No way. It people aren’t that manic about not paying for A Better Minnesota”

But at a price break of almost two bucks a pack? <A href=”http://kfgo.com/news/articles/2013/aug/19/cigarette-buyers-flee-minnesota-to-avoid-tax-hike/”>Of course they are</a>.



52 thoughts on “We Keep Warning You

  1. Emery said:

    “Why not do some research before making a negative comment?”

    If only we all took our own advice to heart, eh?

  2. Friday’s PP had an article that they are going to build an elevator to connect the Central Corridor station at 4th (5th?) and Cedar to the skyway. Cost? A mere $1.77 MILLION. But no worries, $800,000 comes from the feds. Nowhere does anyone address how building a 2 story elevator can cost 1,770,000 to build. Nor does anyone address that, almost certainly, each of the buildings that the skyway connects already has an elevator that connects the ground floor to the skyway level. There is a minor cut, just waiting to be made.

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