Citizens: You Are Roadkill

Anh Trinh has been running Anh’s Beauty Salon, way down by University and Dale, for a couple of decades now.

Her business was one of the flood of Asian businesses that reclaimed University from blight and complete free-fall starting in about the eighties…

…and who are being displaced by the misguided “Train From Nowhere To Nowhere”.

Here, Anh testifies at the Met Council

Especially note the appearance by Jack McCann of the University Avenue Business Association. ┬áHere’s his quote:

This project from planning to design to funding to construction can be summed up as dishonest and pathetic. An honest organization (which is not the Met Council) would have openly evaluated the real effects of shoehorning a project this size onto this avenue.

You hear this, people of St. Louis Park and Eden Prairie?  This is what awaits you if when the DFL jams the Southwest Light Rail down your throats.

3 thoughts on “Citizens: You Are Roadkill

  1. Boss,

    It varies. H’mong, Indians and Chinese vote Democrat. Vietnamese, I recall, are a little more Republican. Koreans are kind of in the middle.

    I’ve heard the theory that the H’mong are being loyal to Bruce Vento, who moved heaven and earth to get them here – a great bit of humantarianism and, I have to expect, not a bad little political calculation.

  2. And St. Louis Park will screw their reliably Democrqt-voting populace by re-routing the heavy rail traffic through residential neighborhoods in order to get the forever subsidized light rail in their city. Even though nobody will ride it to a St. Louis Park destination other than Sam’s Club.

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