There’s Jobs, And Then There’s DFL Jobs: The Pool!

After a couple of terms of “serving” as the Eddie Haskell of the MInnesota House, Rep. Ryan Winkler finally has to start earning what passes, in DFL legislative circles, for “his keep”.

His first assignment in the majority?  Get Minnesotans working!

House Speaker-Designate Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, said in a news release today that Rep. Ryan Winkler, DFL-Golden Valley, will chair the Speaker’s Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs. Thissen said the group of DFL and Republican lawmakers will research, investigate, report and propose legislation to address the decline of living wage jobs, and look for ways to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.

So let’s do our bit for government efficiency.  Let’s write Winkler’s report for him.

What kind of a report do you think Winkler – a guy whose “day job” is working for Ted Mondale, the heir apparent to the Mondale secular “The State Is My Mother” church – is going to write?  What kind of legislation will he propose?

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9 thoughts on “There’s Jobs, And Then There’s DFL Jobs: The Pool!

  1. Not willing to work at any job himself, the honorable Rep. will write a very short report insisting that the minimum wage be increased to $22/hour, or roughly what the average person could earn on welfare if they received their share of what the government spends. Of course, unemployment will go to 40%, but we’ll just tax millionaires enough to cover their benefits; problem solved!

  2. The minimum wage is a bad policy that tries to compensate for other bad policies. The whole country is run like that.

  3. In Green Bay, Wisc, they’re hiring shovelers at Lambeau Field to clear the snow. They’re paying $10/hr. If you’re collecting UE benefits, you would have to take a pay cut to afford to work. Now, if they advertised $10/hr and free beer?????

  4. Actually raising the minimum wage to this utopian ‘livable’ wage concept would be political suicide. Aside from all the small businesses that would shut their doors overnight, the price of goods would shoot up overnight for every consumer. ‘So sorry that gas went to $4.25 a gallon and a loaf of bread is $3.05, but our employees need a livable wage.’

    The sneak attack way around the political mess would be the social engineering route the government uses for every other issue group. State and federal contracts with small businesses include rules about the minimum percentage of minority, female or veteran ownership of the company in question. (As a veteran, even I can see how misguided this is.)

    So they will add to the list of regulations for any company that wants a state contract- you must pay your employees the legislature’s fuzzy notion of a ‘livable’ wage. It will only affect say a third of Minnesota companies, but of course other companies will have to bump up wages to be competitive. Then, in the final irony, Rep Winkler can say with a straight face, “Gee Mr Berg, we only require a livable wage for 1/3 of MN companies. Those other 2/3 are reacting to market forces, and you conservatives like the market, right?”

  5. Whatever else it may be, it’s gonna be crap legislation. DON’T ASK ME WHY, OR HOW! It will be crap because I say it will be crap.

  6. “Speaker’s Select Committee for Living Wage Jobs”? I take it that the GOP reduction in committees is long gone? I realize that there is a certain requirement to give the suffering servants a bone now and then but really? And was the Senate President of Double Secret Probation or whatever Senator Pappas is really a title before now?

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