He Don’t Need No Stinking Facts

Brian Lambert at the MinnPost reports on the story of…

…sorry.  I had quick chuckle there.  I’ll carry on.

Brian Lambert wrote a piece in the MinnPost about the flap with Jack Tomczak…

…sorry.  I got overcome with a gale of laughter.  OK.  Pull it together, Mitch.  Here we go.

Brian Lambert reported on…

…Oh, my sides hurt.  Holy cow.  I couldn’t carry on with a straight face.  Wow.

OK.  Let’s try this again.  Mark Dayton’s former communications chief Brian Lambert at the MinnPost does exactly what the MinnPost pays him to do; serve as the uncovered intellectual and political id of the rest of the in-the-bag-for-the-DFL publication, in this piece about the Tomczak / Gleason flap (about which you read actual facts last week on Shot In The Dark,

I posted an item recently about a former campaign operative for Tom Emmer and Michele Bachmann accused of stalking U of M professor Bill Gleason.

Not sure if Lambert noted that Tomczak was “accused” of “Stalking” by a dissociative narcissistic lunatic that tweets all day, every day, without cease, ever world-class researcher with the work-ethic of a beaver, honest.

(Note to self: I do have to write a post about what “stalking” is, and perhaps give a few examples from the local blogging community to illustrate it.  Hint:  I don’t think it means going, one time, to a public building, but what do I know?)

Y’see, the problem with Lambert is that he seems to consider “lefty narrative” a better “source” than “crap he hears in passing”…

…although he uses plenty of that too:

Gleason filed an FCC complaint against Jack Tomczak, the former aide. After some negotiating, the local “Tea Party Radio Network” station that carried Tomczak’s show agreed that Tomczak would read an apology on the air.

Er, yeah.

FM95.9 isn’t the “Tea Party Radio Network”.  It’s a little Christian station that plays old-time gospel music when it’s not running Jack and Ben.  The “Tea Party Radio Network” is a network in the same sense as the “Northern Alliance Radio Network” is; a wry little reference to the fact that we both do our shows on a shoestring.  Sort of like AM950, without all the self-righteousness.

As Gleason posts on his blog, Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant…

Bla bla bla.

If you want to know what one of those old-fashioned ransom notes made by cutting letters out of magazine articles would look like if put online the work of a world-class researcher with the work ethic of a dozen beavers looks like, read Sunshine. 

The situation prompted Andy Aplikowski at the conservative blog Residual Forces to post: “Due to a thuggish left of liberal professor’s intolerant tactics, the station that Late Debate with Jack and Ben is on has suspended Jack. It is time to get the best local talk show on a real station. Please contact Clear Channel and get them on air.”

We did in fact cover that here, as well, over the weekend.

But it’s next that Lambert really screws the pooch:

Then, in turn, Ken Avidor at the liberal site Dump Bachmann writes: “…A Twitter cabal comprising of Bachmann fans Sheila Kihne and former St. Paul School Board candidate Tom “Swiftee” Swift is apparently attempting a reprisal by contacting University officials to complain about Professor Gleason.”

No, Brian,

Swiftee’s been pursuing Gleason, all right.  I’ll save the details for later.

But that’s been going on for months.  As in, since last November.  It predated the Tomczak flap by almost six months, and will likely be going on for many more.

And by the way, it allegedly involved a real case of stalking; not a guy walking into a public building, announced and in the full light of day.  Swift’s case involves serious allegations of extremely inappropriate abuses of power.  The kind of thing that might wind up actually getting into newspapers with real reporters, who report on stories with facts and stuff, while Brian Lambert is busy requoting the likes of “Dump Bachmann” with a straight face.

For the record?  A Magic Eight Ball is always a better source than Ken “Avidor” Weiner – or anyone that uses him for a source.  A coin toss, dog entrails or picking random letters out of a bowl of Alpha-Bits is better yet.

And since the subject is “stalking”, maybe we should do a quick post one of these days to remind people what real “stalking” is, and who actually practices it, locally?

But that’s all in the future.  The question now is: will Brian Lambert have the integrity it takes to straighten out his facts on the Swift / Gleason story?

18 thoughts on “He Don’t Need No Stinking Facts

  1. “will Brian Lambert have the integrity it takes to straighten out his facts on the Swift / Gleason story?”

    Now I’m laughing.

  2. I was forced to write a memo to the MinnPost censor to get my correction posted…after which Gleason was allowed a completely irrelevant bit of spittle flecked invective…it’s why I don’t bother with them any longer….they are irrelevant.

  3. Oh this is good, will Gleason have to come to me for damage control? In the meantime we here are enjoying it at the DDE, Swiftee we have a spot saved for you but we fear you might be too dark even for us

  4. Oh dear God that fake Gleason is a gem. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages

  5. Hey Swiftee, any threats from them? Any threats that they are going to ‘off’ you?
    (i.e. The person formerly known as ________. As the peevish girl of PenisBlog is know to do.)

  6. If Gleason spent half the time researching that he did on Twitter he might have actually discovered something. It’s a shame to think this guy takes up lab space that actual researchers could use

  7. ‘If Gleason spent half the time researching that he did on Twitter he might have actually discovered something. ‘

    No shit. A very senior staff member at the U told me Gleason holds “minimal work” as a gold standard, performs “no work” as a matter of course.

    This kind of wage theft is infuriating, and it is pervasive in the UofM. And yet moonbats have the brass balls to complain about student debt.

  8. POD, when I get down there, you’re just gonna have to get yourself another lounge chair….that one is mine.

  9. It’s unfortunate that Jack expected Gleason to behave out of character. Anyone who’s had the misfortune to exchange tweets with him knows what a deranged dung ball he is. If Jack had brought video and witnesses, maybe the misfortune wouldn’t have happened. Gleason is the school yard bully who runs to the teacher when confronted. He isn’t interested in debate or exchanging ideas. He would be the one to play the FCC card and have it work. A real man would stand his ground, but of course that is asking too much.

  10. You insiders are an ineffectual hoot. Who will pay the GOP rent? Tea Party? Will the the Tomczak/Gleason flap be as serious as the formerly fat Tom Emmer having to hang around androgrynous Davis on the drive time show? Stay tuned. Meanwhile, Ron Paul Campaign still has money.

  11. What’s the proper word to describe this argument:

    My guy went to your guy’s boss to get him fired, which was good; but when your guy went to my guy’s boss to get HIM fired, that was bad.

    Gleason can complain to the FCC but Swiftee can’t complain to the U of M because . . . why, exactly?

  12. Protip: When talking the crazy talk, it’s better to ramble on about things closely related to the current topic. This makes you appear more coherent and less intoxicated.

    No need to thank me, oldjohnnie, I’m here for you.

  13. Or you be DG and go off on a couple page rant that loosely connects to said topic post

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