Less Than Zero

Redistricting didn’t treat Speed Gibson kindly:

It just occurred to me that with my home being redistricted from CD 3 (Paulsen) to CD 5 (Ellison) I now have no representation whatever in Washington DC. My Representative, both Senators, and my President are all hard Lefties, none with any record of generating serious thought.

The jury is out on my new State Senator (Eaton) who replaced the late Linda Scheid, who could think. My State Representative (Hillstrom) went hard Left in 2007…Mike Opat is my County Commissioner and Official Bagman of Target Field…[my] School Board (281) comprises seven Democrats, all committed to living in the past whether they know it or not.

My only bright spots are my Mayor and City Council. Two are new, so again, the jury is out. All are Democrats, but the three veterans think Brooklyn Center first, DFL second. Partly it just proves again why local decision-making works best. Partly these happen to be three great incumbents. But it’s also that as a mature first ring suburb with limited resources, we just can’t afford the flights of fancy that celestial suburbs and core cities think they can afford.

Well, he’s got that.

Me?  I think I’ve reached less than zero representation at any level.  I share Speed’s opinion of The One, Stuart and A-Klo.  In the House, I’ve got Betty McCollum, who is even dumber than Ellison.  What’s the difference between Betty McCollum and a  pile of mulch?  The mulch doesn’t have Nancy Pelosi pullilng its strings.

In the State House?  I didn’t think it could get worse than Mary Jo McGuire (who just replaced Ellen Anderson) and Alice Hausman.  I was wrong; I am now “represented” by the loathsome Sandy Pappas and Rhea Moran, whose mouth is connected to a microphone in Javier Morillo and Elliot Seid’s offices.

Ramsey County?  I’m juuuuuust across the street from the utterly defensible Janice Rettman’s district.  Which means I’m in Toni Carter’s district.  And she’s utterly not defensible.

For Mayor?  Chris Coleman, who’s like a teenager who keeps coming up to you saying “I know you gave me money to buy lunch, but I spent it on Pokemon cards, and I’m still hungry”, and Russ Stark, who yells “Off What?” when Cathy Lantry says “Jump!”.

If I were starting a blog today, I’d call it “Midway Samizdat”.

7 thoughts on “Less Than Zero

  1. We’ve got the same issues here in Northwest Ramsey County. I’ve got Betty too, along with Copenhagen Kate Knuth (D-Sierra Club) and/or Carolyn Laine (D-Dooher), with Barb Goodwin (D-Planned Parenthood) and the largely invisible Jan Parker on the County Board. At least we have a good mayor in New Brighton and enough sane people on the City Council to keep our municipality from becoming Pyongyang.

  2. Thanks for the link and the commiseration. I think I’m in the right frame of mind to finally watch the “Idiocracy” DVD my son gave me a couple of months ago.

  3. I had many dealings with Debra Hillman before she got elected and found her to be a blithering idiot! I remember thinking; “Who in the hell elected her?” The election must have had a low turn out.

  4. “I’ve got Betty McCollum, who is even dumber than Ellison.”

    Congressman-for-life Ellison thanks you for your interest. Now bugger off.

  5. I’m in Ellison’s Dhimmicrat District #5.

    On his campaign office at Lake St. and M’HahaDishu Ave., he had a large green sign that read: Because everyone matters….Everyone counts.

    Ellison voted for Obamacare, even though 70% of the American people people opposed it.

    So, to sum it up….EVERYONE MATTERS—Except for the 70% who opposes our agenda.

  6. even the one in graveyards. Its amazing how those graveyard precincts seem to have 100% voter turnout and be 100% democrat, but of course if we point that out we are discriminating against the dead because they can’t get photo ID’s

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