What The Hell Are We Supposed To Think About The MNGOP?

Brian Lambert at the MinnPost h quoted me the other day:

Minnesota’s most prominent conservative bloggers are oddly quiet about the party’s exciting weekend.

Minnesota’s “most prominent” conservative bloggers – Powerline, Ed Morrissey – don’t do much coverage of local politics much less the inner workings of the MNGOP.

Of course, those of us who do cover the state – Gary Gross, True North and the Dogs – certainly did cover the “exciting weekend”; most of them were there at the Doubletree along with me.

But Lambert noticed I’d been writing on the subject:

But at Shot in the Dark, Mitch Berg takes a run at it:

Lambo grabbed a lengthy quote from this piece here.  It ended with this bit:

And yet the GOP — which, for all its faults, is the only actual transparent political party in this state (if only because nobody, but nobody, cares about the Independence Party) — is going to have to get through some of this BS to go forward.”

…and he added…:

… But just “some” of it.

Yep.  Just some.

I said it on the radio over the weekend, and I’ll stand by it; the whole incident is going to be a good thing for the MNGOP, if it tackles the issue head-on.  The party’s in debt:  so tackle the debt.  The party lost its statewide races and two recounts: so figure out what we need to do to fix it.  None of this is brain surgery – politicians do it, for chrissake.

And we’re going to tackle it a year before the election.  Oh, the media will do what they can to keep it current – but by next election time, the GOP will be out of the metaphorical woods, loaded for bear, with new leadership and (if a lot of us have our way) explicit confidence that we are on the right path financiallly.

The media – Lambert among ’em – what the GOP grassroots to look at the task at hand and get depressed and discouraged.

There is no reason for this.  The turmoil of this past two weeks is good news.  The GOP will be a much stronger party – as long as we tackle this head-on.

4 thoughts on “What The Hell Are We Supposed To Think About The MNGOP?

  1. I’m sure Brian Lambert is concerned because his columns contain “a lot” of “it”.
    I mean, if you only got through some of it, you’d be clicking the back button before you got through the first paragraph.
    *points to the sad violin playing for AFSCME in the linked column*

  2. Can anyone explain to me why we started inviting the press to the State Central Committee?
    It used to be a closed meeting and with the issues that need to be discussed, having the Strib, MPR and other non-friendlies in the room does not make for an open discussion.
    It is not like they are going to suddenly start writing good things just because we let them attend.
    Think about the last few state central meetings and the articles that ran afterwards.

  3. I don’t know how you do it. I get weary just reading this stuff, let alone responding to it.

  4. rthib; You have asked the $50,000 question. Like the constant debates that the GOP Presidential candidates are engaging in, some things that the the GOP in general are doing, just piss me off!

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