Grand Jury In Crow Wing County: The Paperwork

As I noted yesterday, the Brainerd Dispatch has reported that Crow Wing County Attorney Don Ryan has empaneled a grand jury for this coming Tuesday.

:While Ryan has not officially announced the subject of the grand jury, he has subpoenad Monty Jensen, the Brainerd resident and disabled veteran whose video claiming to have seen disabled adults having their ballots filled out by group home staff at the Crow Wing County Courthouse the Friday before the last election, in late October 2010.  (I carried the video here, a video that got me an Instalanche right around election day last year).

The case has followed more or less the following rough chronology:

  1. The Crow Wing County (CWC) attorney Don Ryan ordered an investigation by the CWC Sheriff’s office.
  2. After a Sheriff’s investigation (which interviewed Monty Jensen’s estranged father, but ignored at least one actual witness to the alleged voter fraud), Ryan decided that, in his discretion, there was no case.
  3. An avalanche of calumny from the media and the lefty alt-media descended on Monty Jensen.
  4. Al Stene, father of James Stene, a resident at Clark Lake Group Home, found that his son – who suffered serious brain damage in a near-drowning accident at age, and knows nothing of politics – had been apparently inveigled into voting.  Stene was outraged.
  5. Eric Shawn of Fox News picked up the story.
  6. A group of activists have spent much of this year digging for more information.

Which brings us to today.

A source close to the case has provided me with four sets of documents:  each of them a court order showing a Clark Lake Group Home resident to have been placed under guardianship and had their rights to vote explicitly rescinded, and the Crow Wing County absentee ballot lists as well as the ballot envelopes,all indicating that they voted.

Copies are provided below the jump.

Here’s the court order for James Allen Carel

Here’s the court order for Daniel J. Carel

Here’s the court order for Crieg_Ruesken



And this is
Chico Allen Davis

And here’s a file with, among other things (Alan Stene’s affadavit of his son’s state, ), the absentee ballot envelopes:


CWC Voter Fraud Data

I will carry a report re the grand jury testimony once it happens.

13 thoughts on “Grand Jury In Crow Wing County: The Paperwork

  1. Mitch, why do you persist in this? Penigma’s attack Chihuahua has assured us that there is nothing here but the wingnut delusions. There is no voter fraud in Minnesota (except that done by the evil right.)

  2. Absentee ballots are the weak chink in the armor. Easiest way to cast a fraudulent vote, least chance of getting caught & if you get caught, hardest to convict. The actual vote is cast out of the sight of poll watchers.

  3. Terry, I posted yesterday on antidotal stories about fraud via absentee voting. Reason it is hard to catch is the stories usually involve an elderly person telling a son or daughter about someone going through the nursing home with ballots marked for Democrats and asking the person to sign one. The story I heard from someone in Eau Claire was that the person was a Republican so didn’t want to sign the ballot. But how do you catch that? The residents aren’t politically aware of this type of fraud, so don’t follow up on it.

  4. I have to emerge from the shadows to chime in about “antidotal stories.” It’s “anecdotal stories.” An antidote is something used to counteract a poison. An anecdote is an interesting or amusing story. For that matter, “anecdotal stories” is redundant. It’s just “anecdotes.”

    I’m sorry. It’s just been bothering me.

  5. Yossarian,

    I in turn shall emerge from the shadows to note that “anecdotal stories” is usually, but not necessarily always, redundant; they can be distinguished from a “carefully-researched and empirically-footnoted story”.

    And while you’re right about “antidote”, I can’t help but think an “Antidotal Story” might be a cure for rhetorical poison…

  6. I have a spelling disability. I expect everyone to acccomadate me. Otherwise I will sue you under the ADA act. The spelling impaired are not second class citizens.

  7. I will admit there’s some potential for “antidotal stories” to enter the accepted lexicon of literary terms. Any refutation of a Dog Gone or Penigma comment, for example, could plausibly be considered an “antidotal story.”

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