Democrats: “Iceberg! Right Ahead!”

Polls taken 56 weeks before the election have a very dodgy record predicting real elections.

But they do make for good entertainment.

And this WaPo-ABC Poll is certainly good entertainment:

Overall, 55 percent of Americans expect a Republican victory next year. Fewer, 37 percent, predict that President Obama will win reelection. A majority of independents sense that the GOP nominee will prevail, but there is a gaping difference between party loyalists.

Fully 83 percent of Republicans say the GOP nominee — whoever he or she may be — is likely to claim the presidency next year. Among Democrats, far fewer, 58 percent, say they think Obama will win a second term. A third of Democrats expect a GOP win; just 13 percent of Republicans sense a repeat for Obama.

All the usual caveats apply.

Tangential question: I wonder if Nate Silver will use this poll to handicap the next election?  Or maybe he’s learned his lesson?

One thought on “Democrats: “Iceberg! Right Ahead!”

  1. Meanwhile, another liberat declares his intention to take Chip Cravaak’s seat. Another veteran, no less. It still blows my mind that ANY veteran could be a liberal DemocRAT.

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