You Could See This Coming

Matt McNeill – a “host” of sorts at failed local liberal-talk station AM950, on Twitter Sunday morning:

Disturbing the righto’s/tea baggers who condemn the Norway shooting in 1 breath, then share the shooters frustration at liberals in the next

For some reason – no coffee yet? – I responded:

It’s official: @MattMcNeilAM950 thinks questioning American liberalsm = sympathy w/Breivik. This is the liberal media. #stribpol #narn

Which prompted McNeill’s to respond:

It’s official, #mitchpberg understands and sympathizes with the Norway shooter. To Mitchy, killing 100 people is just a 1st Amendment issue.

This is the “mind” of the Twin Cities leftymedia in action.

It’d be tempting to call for some sort of response – but it occurs to me that “working” on AM950 is punishment enough, in almost a Biblical sense, for that kind of bigotry.

20 thoughts on “You Could See This Coming

  1. This is actually very surprising. I had no idea Matt McNeill had a job in this market. I assumed that he’d been sent to Sioux City with Willie Clark as part of a dyspeptic package deal.

  2. Yeah…”Mitchy”?? All the left really has to it these days is name-calling. I assume 950 is hours and hours of people giggling over the self-amused names they come up for conservatives.

    Well, that and Mike Malloy calling for the assassination of Bush and other Republicans.

  3. Mitchy admits I’ve met Angryclown.
    Can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure. Can’t say that I want to.

  4. This seems typical though. Lefties use name calling instead of rational discussion, and usually just say “Hitler got started by……” (fill in whatever issue they hate conservatives about).

    “Mitchy”? I guess its not really a bad name, just kind of petty.

  5. The first object of living a lie is to deny that truth exists, and if it does – it is a relative commodity.

  6. Mitch, I recall your Twitter exchange with McNeil just after the Tucson shootings. I recall then how he was convinced that it would be revealed that Loughner was a “righto.” Hard to take the guy serious, so you must be engaging him for sport.

  7. Perhaps you have met Angryclown and you didn’t realize it, Kerm. In fact, maybe this post is coming from *inside your house.*

  8. Comments on three posts today…. What the?
    Angryclown is back! Apparently, the recent discussion of his antecedant John Wayne Gacy must have have brought him out of his self (or was it court ordered?) exile. Dog bless Doggone, but she really never had your chops, AC.

  9. I think Angry Clown should be banned from SITD until he explains his remark that “The smart guys are in charge now” after Obama was elected.

  10. No if we ban him we follow in liberal blog logic of banning anyone we disagree with. Part of what makes this blog great is the back and forth there is on it. Name any local/national leftyblog that tolerates as much open dissent as Mitch does on SITD.

  11. No ban on angryclown. I will defend his right to express his foolish opinions with my last breath.

  12. I’m sure angry clowns “smart guys” exist in a world were Dilberts principle of “intelligence has much less practical application that you’d think” applies.

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