So Here’s A Question For All You Regulatory Types Out There

As part of its passive-aggressive, “let the peasants feel the pain” approach to the shutdown, the Dayton Administration shut down all of the state’s publicly-visible databases.

Including that of the Campaign Finance Board.  I know this, because whenever the Strib tries to pass some businessman or private citizen off as a “non-partisan” commentator on politics, a quick glance at the CFB usually shows that they are committed DFLers.

We can’t do that now.

Now, since most of Dayton’s campaign money, including the campaign to justify the shutdown – and make no mistake, it is a campaign, being paid for by liberals with deep pockets, like Alita Messinger and the rest of the Dayton family – is being paid for by what amount to campaign contributions, and those that “regulate”, or at least transcribe, these contributions are out of the office (or at least not maintaining databases), doesn’t that give Democrat groups ample chance to…

…well, cheat?

I mean, how would we know?

3 thoughts on “So Here’s A Question For All You Regulatory Types Out There

  1. Looks like Dayton might be realizing he made a mistake:

    or as a co-worker put it: “It seems to me that the whole shutdown was designed to be as painful as possible to the public. Yet, the public did not notice, and was not inconvenienced! Facing the fact that government was not at all being missed by the people of Minnesota, the governor realized his George Soros designed plan backfired.”

  2. The latest from Mark Dayton’s twitter feed, long thought to have been dormant since Nov. 8 last year:

    Mark_Dayton(Mark Dayton)
    #Winning! Kompucha=tiger blood! Lol! Thanks for having my back, @AFSCME bitches!

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