And The Winner Is…

Yid with Lid on the big winner of the Wiener kerfuffle – Andrew Breitbart:

After ten days of being vilified by left wing media reporters, those same reporters were tripping all over their underwear trying to ask him questions about the story they had doubted until today. Not only that, but at the behest of the same reporters who trashed him personally and his stories, Breitbart stood where Weiner was about to stand and demanded an apology from the slanderers in the press, and from Congressman Weiner himself.

Breitbart, like all of us in the center-right alt-media, knows that the gesture is just for show.

Andrew shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for their apology (and he knows that). You see, the progressive agenda-driven mainstream media looks at Andrew Breitbart and sees the devil himself.

Breitbart and his team of editors and contributors (of which I am one) are everything that the press hates. We find the facts that either they don’t find or they choose to ignore, and we reveal them to the public. As the guy whose name is on all the sites, along with being the content director and a reporter, Breitbart’s job is to publicly take the body slams directed at all the writers including himself.

Breitbart and his organizaation actually are what a lot of us in the center-right alt-media have been dreaming about for nigh on a decade now; a well-funded, motivated, conservative alt-media powerhouse that eats the bigs’ lunches consistently enough to cause the Big Media Machine serious problems.

Let’s face it, Breitbart’s “Big” sites not only shoot down the progressive media’s political idols, but they make the press seem incompetent for not reporting those stories themselves.

I’m already having fun with the 2012 cycle.

10 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Any cars slowly cruising up and down your block with a big, fat man holding a video cam lately?

  2. Fox news reported this morning that Weiner has apologized to him. When reporters asked if he accepted Weiner’s apology, Andrew replied, “let me just say this…Yes!” Of course, the majority of us conservatives do have class, so I was not surprised at his gesture. Perhaps Mr. Weiner wil llearn a lesson…wait! Who in hell am I kidding?

  3. We need a lot more Breitbarts. The left has no one like him. The closest is probably Michael Moore, but Moore is too much of a dinosaur. Moore can win at Cannes and on Oscar night (how establishment is that?) but he can’t drive the news cycle.

  4. . . . and speaking of media dinosaurs, if you check out the Media Matters site, while the fallout from the A. Weiner scandal is the news de jour, there’s not a word about it on MM. It’s all Fox, Beck and Limbaugh over there. If you get your media from MM, you will be ignorant of what is happening in the media. How very Orwellian.

  5. BradC : I just got an email that seemed to suggest yes, he would be. Or at lesat it was an email from Breitbart promoting RightOnline and his presence there.

  6. Yeah, Kev, I got that same e-mail. The reason I ask is The Headliners along with myself will be broadcasting at the event live on that Saturday.

  7. I just spent a few minutes viewing the Weiner interview conducted by an ABC News reporter (link is on Powerline) and it is an instant classic. Weiner is very good at trying to turn the tables, asking pointed questions, trying to shame his interrogator. It reminded me of attempted interviews with Castro, Ahmedinejad, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez. There must be a liars playbook out there these guys study. It takes a determined and skilled person to beat it back. The ABC guy did a good job, but kudos to Breibart, he knocked down the house of cards. Think he’ll get nominated for a Pulitzer? I ain’t holding my breath.

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